A Christmas Tale

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A Christmas Tale

A Horned Beast

A Horned Beast


A Horned Beast



A Horned Beast

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We’ve all heard of the story of Krampus. We’ve all seen images of what we think he looks like and we’ve all heard the story that he takes really bad kids and escapes into the night and the kids are never seen again. Well I’ve seen him, he’s nothing like the picture on google. One year my family decides to go to a little cabin they’ve rented out for the holiday break with my aunt and uncle. My aunt and uncle are a little wealthier than my parents so they like to do little get aways like this without having to worry about the money they’re throwing away.


“Aren’t you happy to see your cousins? You haven’t seen them in like what, three years?” Mom smiles at me before turning back around. Mom doesn’t keep up with her sister’s busy life which causes us to not see them very often. As we pulled up to the cabin dad realized it was on a hill.

“Get everything you need out of the car, were going to have to walk the rest.”

We did just that and braced ourselves for the short but very cold walk. On top of the hill I could see my Aunts waving and waiting for us to get to the top. Once we did she greeted us.


“It’s so great to see you all again, my have you gotten bigger.” I smile at my aunts comment and make my way to the house. It was way warmer inside. My cousins were on the couch watching some Christmas movie. They already had the tree up and present underneath it already and they also had a fireplace with fresh fire burning. My uncle took our things to where we would be sleeping. My cousins still hadn’t notice me so I took this time to look around. The bathroom was huge, it could fit like three bathtubs in them.

Later in the day everyone was called for dinner.


“So, who was your trip here?” Asked my uncle.

“It was pretty good until I found out I had to walk up the hill.” Dad replied. My uncle chuckled before changing the subject. After dinner all the kids were pushed into one room and it was the room that we would be staying in. my older cousin Rachel laid on the bed on here phone while my youngest cousins played on the floor.  

“What are y’all getting for Christmas?” Dave asked.

“You’re not supposed to know what you’re getting.” Rachel retorted.

“Well I know, I saw dad putting the presents in his truck while they were still unwrapped.” Rachel shook her head and rolled her eyes before going back to her phone.

“So Santa gave all our presents to daddy?” Asked his little sister Carrie.

“Santa isn’t real.”

“Yes he is!” Carrie shouted. She stuck her tongue out at her rude brother.


“Hey, do you guys want to hear a story?” Rachel asked. We all looked at her curious,

“And it’s totally real. Hold on.” Rachel rushes out of the door only to return with a lit candle. She turns off the light and tells us to sit around her.

“This story is about Krampus, he’s called the anti-Santa. But unlike Santa if he deems you too naughty for a lump of coal he takes you away. He’s really tall and his skin is like leather. He has horns are really big and sharp just like his yellow teeth,”

“How does he get into your house?” Carrie asked.

“They same way Santa does.” Carrie hugged her stuffed animal in fear. I knew this wasn’t true. I’ve heard many stories of this monster and never believe any of them. He’s fictional like santa and the tooth fairy. I stop listening to the story and left. A few days after the story telling Rachel decides to feed the fear in the younger kids.
“You know the lyrics you better not cry, you better shout cry and the lyrics he knows when you’ve been bad or good. That was meant for Krampus.” they both looked at each other in fear. I shook my head.

“He’s not real.” I said.

“How do you know?” Dav asked,

“Because he’s not.” I replied. Of course they didn’t believe me as their big sister fed them more lies. By this time I gave up.

It was almost close to Christmas and you could feel the excitement. It was five days before christmas and I couldn’t sleep. I was fantasizing about the presents I would get and if mom or dad got me the thing I really wanted. As I was about to finally go to sleep I hear a loud thud downstairs. What was that? It happened again. Slowly I arose from bed, there was more thud sounds downstairs. As I crept down the stairs I could hear something growling? I don’t think my aunt has a dog, what was that? As I stepped on the last step it made a creaking sound and whatever was down there left making the Christmas tree move. Quickly I ran to the tree to see the wrapping paper torn of the gifts. There was more banging and loud crashing in the kitchen. Like a scaredy cat I ran back into the room and hid under the covers. The next morning my mom called no, yelled my name.


“Yes?” I say almost out of breath from running down the stairs.

“Tell me what happened?” I look at her confused.

“Why did you trash the kitchen?”

“What? I didn’t do this.” Mom points to the cabinets which had my name in bright red ink. But that wasn’t my hand writing. I didn’t write this. Mom yells at me to clean the mess up and also yells at me for tearing up the gifts. But I didn’t do this. As the night comes and the day leaves we get ready for bed. I lay down and wait. Around midnight it begins again. Loud noises and crashing, this time I take a bat with me. Whatever was down there was n dog or any animal for that fact. It could write and it knew my name. If I didn’t know any better I would think it’s Rachel trying to scare me but it wasn’t.

Like the night before I crept down the stairs but skipped the last step so I wouldn’t scare off the creature. In full view in front of me was a tall silhouette of a man like figure, he or it was standing in front of the fireplace. I froze forgetting I had a bat in my hands and stared at it. No one of us moved, I feared it would turn around. I must’ve stood still for what felt like hours before it made a move. I braced myself to hit it when it turned around. It grew taller as it stood up straight. Realizing my bat was just a twing at this point I dropped it, then he turned around. I could’ve peed my pants.  It had dark red skin, large horns and teeth that looked like it could make my bones into pudding.


It was like the beast my cousin had described. Krampus? I thought he was fake, a myth. I don’t know if it was a grin or him bearing his teeth but he showed them before he left back up the chimney. Like flash I dashed back into the room and woke everyone up.

“He’s here he’s real!!” I shouted,

“What? Who’s here, who’s real?” Rachel asked.

“Krampus, he’s real. He was here.”

“Dude go back to sleep. I made that story up. Turn off the light.” No but I saw him with my own eyes, he’s real. The next morning I slept all day trying to sleep so at night I’ll be prepared. I didn’t actually have a plan but I wanted to be ready just in case. When everyone went to sleep I snuck out this time I went to the kitchen and grabbed every knife we had and sat on the couch. I tried my best not to fall asleep but it didn’t work. When the clock struck twelve I was awoken by a nose on the chimney. Dust cleared and revealed a toy. It was a jack in the box. Confused but scared I stayed still. It began to wind up slowly as first but got faster and faster and faster with each second then it stopped. It was coming I just know it. Out popped the jack but it was off, it wasn’t a clown or jester but me. It was me with a scared look on my  and blood on my face,


I wanted to cry and scream at that moment but I couldn’t let anyone know i was up. Behind me was the sound of heavy breathing. I was afraid to turn around. I was a scared little ten year old boy what was I going to do? I mustered all the courage I had which wasn’t a lot and got off the couch but all I saw was a wall. No demon. There was a loud bang in the kitchen and like lighting my little legs ran to it. There it was making  a mess.

“Hey!” I shouted. What a dumb move. It turned around with a angry snarl.

“Leave my house!” I held up the knives in self defense, it didn’t help as it stood taller it’s head hitting the ceiling.it laughed at me? As it made it way towards me it repeated the lines, “BAD CHILD, BAD CHILD, YOU ARE A BAD CHILD DANNY!” His voice sounded like really bad static from a car or tv, only a few words were able to be heard. As he got closer I stepped back afraid of what he might do to me. Rachel said he takes bad kids but she doesn’t know where and I didn’t want to find out. A few moments later I blacked. Even though I’m older I still don’t know what caused this. I was woken by a hand shaking me.

“Wake up, Danny wake up.”


“What are you doing in the kitchen?”

I shakily pointed in front of me. “He was there, near the stove and cabinets.” Mom looked behind her confused then back at me.


“Krampus, he was right there and I saw him.” I was beginning to cry. Mom hugged to calm me down. After a few days I didn’t see him anymore, I had convinced myself it was a horrible nightmare. Yeah just a bad dream hype up by a child’s imagination. That’s what I thought until christmas day. I didn’t hear anything the night before so I thought everything was fine. On christmas day I was surprised Carrie didn’t wake everyone up first, she was the most excited for this day.  

I looked over at their beds to see their sleeping lumps. Quickly I ran to the adults room to wake them up. When I got there their beds were empty. Maybe they were making a christmas breakfast but there’s no smell of pancakes or eggs or bacon or even the smell of hot chocolate.


The kitchen was empty, not a soul in sight. I went to the room were my cousins were sleeping, upon touching their “bodies” there weren’t there. In their place were rolls of blankets and pillows. Where has everyone gone?

The house become suddenly cold. With nothing else to do I go to the living room. It was trashed, the presents were ripped open, the tree was on the ground and the decorations were wrecked. On top of the fireplace were the words written in dark red ink, or that what I told myself it was. It said

Merry Christmas Danny.

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