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Netflix No More

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Netflix has been around since 1997 and has been a source of entertainment for everyone  but it wasn’t launched until 1998. One of the main things that has made Netflix one of the top 10 largest company is by its variety of tv/movies.  It teams up with lots of productions such as Disney, ABC, and many other television networks.


Netflix has gone a long way as they also started launching their own source of entertainment. However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to in end.  Netflix has canceled one of their popular shows which is a marvel production named Daredevil, to which has been said that it was the fourth biggest show on Netflix. The reason for the sudden cancel of the show is because of Walt Disney opening up their very own company of online streaming. Due to this, Netflix also has taken down Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and soon they they are planning on taking down Jessica Jones and The Punisher.


As all the shows that were mentioned in the previous paragraph are all owned by Disney. They are also the only Marvel tv shows that Netflix has had. Not just Marvel Tv shows, but also any Disney movie will be leaving Netflix around December 2018.


It has been said that they are going to take off F.R.I.E.N.D.S, which is another popular show among the audience, but Netflix has done a 100 million contract to keep Friends on Netflix. However, it  doesn’t stop there as many other streaming services like Hulu want the popular show. The reason for the rumor of the TV show being taken down is because Warner Media, the owner of friends, is planning on launching their own streaming service around 2019. They are planning on taking their very own productions back to their rightful home.  


As Netflix is a very popular streaming service, some students were asked their opinion on the subject of their shows being taken down.  


Johanna Molina (10) “I feel like I would not watch it as much because it wouldn’t have anything that I would watch.”  


Erik Aguilar (12) “ I enjoy watching it, but if they start taking off my favorites shows I’ll probably just stop paying for it.”


Katia Gonzalez (10) “ I don’t really watch Netflix but when I do I just watch like Jane the Virgin or Friends.”


Let’s just say that in the up coming next year Netflix is going to be a lot more different.  

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Netflix No More