Senior Spotlight: Emily Adams


Emily Adams

Emily Adams excited for her next stage in life.

Emily Adams is a class of 2019 high school student. She has been attending East Hall since her freshman year and she’s super excited to finish up her senior year.


“ So far my senior year is going alright but it’s going by really fast,” Emily mentioned.


She also said that the hardest grade for her is her senior year because it’s really stressful. Emily expresses that she thought that the easiest grade for her was my junior year because it was easy.


After school Emily doesn’t do school related activities but she does work. She works at Chick-fil-A in the afternoons. Emily also plans to go to college. Emily wants to go to Brenau University to be an occupational therapist.


 “Make the most out of your senior year and get involved do everything you can and make the best out of every moment,” Emily assured.