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Ever since the new semester started a couple days ago, the teachers and staff at our school are beginning to enforce more on the school policies. We’ve already dealt with the ID badges, hats, hoods, and the dress code. Now we have a new policy for the teachers and staff of East Hall to enforce headphones. The administration made this policy as a safety precaution due to the fact students aren’t being active and alert to respond when spoken to from staff.


I heard students wanting to do something about the new headphone policy. Many kids here like to listen to their music during class change. The new headphones policy states that students aren’t allowed to have their headphones in during class change, for a safety precaution.  We understand that they are doing it as a safety precaution but on the other hand, students just wish that they could at least have one earbud in. Even with one earbud in, the teachers and principals will tell you to take it out.


Many students don’t like this policy because it reminds them of the policies that were placed at the middle school. In the middle school we weren’t even allowed to have our phones out during class change, homeroom, class, and lunch. At the high school, we are allowed to have our phones but no headphones. We understand that it’s for a safety precaution but for some students here music is everything to them.


If you want to do something about the new headphones policy, then you can make a petition for the students of East Hall to sign or make a email ( not saying ‘ I don’t like the new policy’) saying how you think there could be a compromise for the new policy. We have a student council, tell them your ideas. But don’t think just because you don’t like something that has to do with our school, doesn’t mean you have to do a strike or something. The little things count too, so speak up. You have a voice, use it. Stay tuned for the next article!  

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