Welcoming Mr. Rich to Valhalla

Adam Rich

Adam Rich

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This week, Valhalla is proud to announce that we have added another member to our staff. You may have seen his friendly face greeting students in the lunchroom as well as in the hallways. Now East Hall is kicking off the 2nd semester with our new Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, Mr. Rich.


Mr. Adam Rich is a former ALC(Alternative Learning Center) Assistant Principal and was a Softball Coach and Social Studies teacher at Chestatee High School. With his arrival, all of East Hall is curious to know what new and exciting things he will be bringing to Valhalla.


“ I’m excited about the opportunity to be an assistant Principal and the culture here is great. There really isn’t any school that has the culture like East Hall.”


Outside of school, Mr. Rich enjoys activities such as coaching his daughter’s softball team, running, attending concerts, and golfing. Rich also has a family including his wife and his 2 kids, an 8 year old daughter and a 5 year old son.


Mr. Rich has expressed that he loves the positive and unique culture of our school so far. He wants to keep improving our school each and every day and is excited to see all of East Hall’s growth and success.


“What I want to bring to East Hall is consistency from athletics, to assisting everyone, and for them to know that I am always here.”


We are all very thrilled to welcome Mr. Rich to East Hall. He is excited to be here and grow with this campus. We know with him, as our Assistant Principal as well as our Athletic Director, we are going to have a great first year with him at our school.


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