Teacher Spotlight: Shane Roach

East Hall teacher Shane Roach.

East Hall teacher Shane Roach.

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East Hall has an amazing facility that helps out the school a lot. One of the reasons that make East Hall a great school is the teachers. One of them being Shane Roach. Mr. Roach is one of our English Language Arts teachers. Mr. Roach has helped out in departments such as English to Speakers of other Languages and Special Education. He got his education from UGA, Piedmont College and UNG.


Mr. Roach has been teaching for 10 years now. He has worked with middle and high schools. He has only spent a couple years of his teaching career here at East Hall. Which the faculty and staff is glad to have him here. He has been a great addition to the ELA department. Mr. Roach teaches American Literature, Honors American Literature, and Ap Lang.


   Mr. Roach was asked why to teach Language Arts, to which he said,“ Because of the creative opportunities that are there for us”


   One of the reasons why Mr. Roach loves to work at East Hall is because of the student body itself. He loves seeing the student ready to learn and interact with each other. Especially when they are passionate about what they are learning.


   Mr. Roach also spoke out on why he enjoys teaching, “Because I like writing with the younger generation.”


Mr. Roach has put in a lot effort on to what he teaches and just has been great to the school in general. He really cares for his students and that what makes him this teacher spotlight.

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