The “Super” Action-Packed Movie

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The “Super” Action-Packed Movie

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Movie Preview:The “Super” Action-Packed Movie


About 35 years ago, one of the greatest anime franchises was born. 35 years later, that same franchise has what could possibly be one of the greatest movie in it’s franchise. That anime franchise is known as Dragon Ball.


Dragon Ball started out as a manga series for “Weekly Shonen Jump” created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. Dragon Ball was initially inspired by a Chinese novel “Journey to the West”. Dragon Ball is a story about a boy named Son Goku and his great adventures meeting friends, fighting great battles with formidable foes, and becoming the strongest. Dragon Ball became so popular at the time that eventually it became an anime around 1986.


With the success of Dragon Ball, in April 1989 the sequel of Dragon Ball was released called Dragon Ball Z where we see Goku as an adult married to a woman named Chi-Chi and a son named Son Gohan. Later on in the story, he has another son named Son Goten. In Dragon Ball Z, it continues the story of Goku. Later on in the sequel, we are met by The Prince of the Saiyans, the race Goku is, Vegeta. He fought Goku early in Dragon Ball Z but later became allies with him.


Around 2015, Toriyama continued the story of Dragon Ball Z with the next TV series, Dragon Ball Super. Dragon Ball Super takes place moments after the events of Dragon Ball Z. When Dragon Ball Super ended on March 2018, people thought that would be the end of Dragon Ball or though there was gonna be any Dragon Ball content for a while. However, later on in the year, a teaser trailer was released for a Dragon Ball Super Movie, which later on was revealed as a movie about a familiar face that was in past Dragon Ball Z movies, Broly. In the past Broly was in 3 movies, Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly: The Second Coming, and Bio-Broly. However, Dragon Ball Z movies were considered “non-canon”, so in the new movie, it’ll be considered the first time Goku and Vegeta encounter Broly. Casting the main stars of the movie is Sean Schemmel as Goku, Christopher Sabat as Vegeta, and Vic Mignogna as Broly.


I interviewed some students that are fans of Dragon Ball and asked what they thought about the movie by the number of trailers they released for the movies.


From Omar Hernandez, he said “By the trailer, the animation looks great already. The fights look like they gonna be intense against one of the best DBZ villains. Just seeing the power ups from the trailers I can’t wait to see what happens and how they will defeat Broly.”


ROTC Cadet Julius Rodriguez says “It’s cool and nice that they’re bringing two characters who weren’t Canon in one movie, and a good two to be exact.”


Junior student Hunter Price says “It looks like it could be the best dragon ball movie ever. I can’t wait to see it.”


Personally for me, I believe that this movie will one of the greatest movies in Dragon Ball history and I recommend it to all Dragon Ball fans out there. The English dub for Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be released in theaters on January 16th, let’s all see if this movie will totally be “Super”

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