Government Shutdown …

Government Shutdown ...

Our community as well as the country is aware of the Government Shutdown that’s occurring right now, I’m going to give you some basic background information about it. As we know, the government has been shutdown for a while, however we are going to know the real reasons on why that’s happening.


    The government has shutdown due to the problems occurring in our Nation’s Capital. Our president, Donald Trump, wants to build a wall at the Mexican Border, which will require billions of dollars. Our government shouldn’t pay that much money for a wall, when they could use that money for better uses. The president says he wants to build the wall because the hispanics are bringing in drugs. I personally believe the citizens aren’t bringing in the drugs, the cartels are. The cartels use innocent people to bring in the drugs. The wall isn’t necessary, the president tried dealing with the immigration issue. However, doing that separated families, little babies were separated from their mothers. Kids our age were separated from their families, and didn’t get reunited until months later

The border wall would take too long to build, it would take longer than the President’s 4 year term. So when a new President is elected and put into office, it will take a long time to take the wall down. The Government shut down it’s a national protest because of something the people don’t want. The Government will not willingly give billions of dollars to build a border wall, especially when we can use that money to pay our teachers and for a better education.


    I personally believe that this wall will just lead to more tension in the White House, and the world around us already has enough going on. So why add another thing on the list? We as a nation, need to find out what to do about all the things going on. Otherwise we might end up making a huge mistake that we’ll regret until we get over it.