Dream State Chapter 2

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“How long are your sessions?” Alyssa asked.

“Supposed to be an hour but sometimes he lets me stay longer because he has no more clients.” Alyssa hums in a approving tone. She pulls in front of the building and waves me goodbye before pulling off.

“Call when you need me to pick you up.” I nod and wave bye. I walk to the front desk.

“I’m here for Dr. Zork.” The lady nods and sends me on my way. I wait in the small waiting room with everyone else. I always wonder what they’re here for but it’ll be rude of me to ask.

“Zac Brown?” A really tall man stands up and goes with a doctor named Patterson. One by one people began to be called up. I was the second to last to be called.

“So Jake, we meet again. How’s life?” Dr. Zork asked.

“Honestly I haven’t got a clue. Some days are okay but lately it’s been rough.


“Sounds normal. Lay down and we can get started.”

I did as told.
“So can you tell me about your dreams?”

“They’ve gotten worse doc. It’s happening all the time now, every time I go to sleep.”

“Can you explain one to me?”

“Last night I had a dream and everything was wired and fuzzy. My parents dressed as if they lived in the 50’s and then their faces looked fake, like they were manufactured. They had smiles on their faces but when I said something they didn’t like their smiles turned to frowns and then their faces began to melt and their eyes fell to the floor. I couldn’t get away.”


Dr. Zork didn’t say anything for a while. The sound of his pencil writing on the paper told me he was listening to every word.

“I’ve got to say I’ve never seen anything like this. Usually I’ll have an answer for things like this but yours is unique. No one has reported something like this before. “

“So I’m crazy?”

“No, strange.” He got up from his chair and went to his desk. He typed on his computer before asking, “Have you been able to sleep lately?”

“No not really, just some random naps here and there. Not really any actual sleep.”

He hummed and began to type some more.


“I can’t find anything about this. Can you tell me more?”


“Your dreams. How do they make you feel?”

I took a deep breath.

“Scared. Only nightmares make you feel like that because you know they’re fake but these, these feel so real. I felt everything I touched in my dream.”

“Fascinating.” He whispered.


There was some silence. I began to feel drowsy. My eyelids feel heavy.

“Yes!” Dr. Zork jumped from his desk chair.

“Go to sleep and I’ll watch you, your body language. I want you to tell me what you saw when you wake up.”

I looked at Dr. Zork as if he was crazy.

“Please it’ll probably help me help you.” I agreed. He clapped his hands and went to his desk to play some soothing music.

“Now sleep.”

I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep. I didn’t have to try that hard though.


When I “woke up” everything looked fuzzy again. I looked around to see the doctor at his desk typing away on his computer. I stood up to stretch but when I did I saw something in the corner of the room. It looked darker than the others like it had more shadow. Usually there’s a plat there but it was gone. Trying to ignore it I turned to see Dr. Zork staring at me smiling.

“Hello there Jake, you’ve awakened.” He didn’t sound like himself like my parents. While looking at me he pulls out a bowl of hard caramel candies.

“Have one, it’ll make you feel better.” I shook my head.

“No thanks.”


Something in the corner moved causing me to look over. Nothing. I turned back to Dr. Zork to find him standing in front of his desk frowning. The corners of his mouth almost to his shoulders. It looked as if his shadow had grew in size. Just like my parents he began to chant my name while walking my way. His shadow grew with every step he took. Suddenly he put his wrinkled hands around my neck and held on tightly. My screams came out as a sick deadly cough. Struggling to get his grip off me his voice became a garbled mess. He had a death grip on my neck and he wasn’t playing on letting me live.


My eyes began to flutter and the room was getting dim. I began to feel light, like I could fly. Then i woke up. My body felt could and I couldn’t  breath. Dr. Zork sat on the floor with a camera video taping everything.

“I I ca-n’t breathe.” Quickly he grabbed some water and practically shoved the bottle down my throat.

“Your movement while sleeping was very interesting.”

“Well I’m glad you had fun.” I rolled my eyes.

“What did you dream about? Also do you mind if I record this? It’s better than writing plus I think this’ll help me.”  

I nod.

“I was here and I had woken up to see you smiling and staring at me. You asked if I wanted candy and I said no. Also there was a dark shadow in the room. Then you began to choke me and wouldn’t let go then I woke up.”

“No give me detail.”

“Okay, when I “woke” up in my dream. I looked in the corner of the room where your plant is but it wasn’t there, instead the corner was darker than usual but I ignored it. I looked over at you and you had an unsettling smile on your face and you also talked weird, like too proper. You asked me if I wanted candy and I said no. I looked away and when I looked back you were in front of your desk frowning at me. The corners of your mouth grew longer and they almost touched your neck. Suddenly you grabbed me and began to choke me with a death grip chanting my name like my parents in my other dream. Then I woke up and I couldn’t breathe like something was still on my neck.”

Dr. Zork nodded and turned off the recorder. He looked at his watch then back at me.

“Sorry but your time is up. We’ll discuss this again next week.”

He motioned for me to get up then proceeded to push me out the door. Strange, that’s odd behavior for him. I called Alyssa and asked her to come get me.

“Alright be there in ten.” She hung up.


The car ride was very silent. The sounds of wind passing the car was the only thing that was heard.

“So…. how’d it go?” Alyssa asked. “Or is that rude of me to ask?”

I shook my head.

“Nothing.” My voice had no emotion to it, it sounded empty.

After that Alyssa didn’t try to talk anymore.