Dream State Chapter 3

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A few days after my appointment I haven’t been able to sleep. Whenever my eyes close they snap back open.

“This isn’t good for you,” Alyssa stated concerned.

“Shut up, you don’t know what’s good for me,” I tried to joke.

“Jake this isn’t a time to be joking, you’re sick.” She wasn’t wrong, this isn’t a healthy thing to be doing to myself, but what else am I supposed to do?  Shaking my head and yawing I tired to say I was fine.

“No, you are not fine. You look dead,” Alyssa snapped.  I ignored her and tried to finish my math work.


The bell rung and everyone scattered to different parts of the building at once. Alyssa and I had lunch at this time, but I wasn’t hungry.

“You need to eat. You’re not sleeping, and we don’t need to add more self destruction on top of that.”

Shrugging I said nothing. Not having energy make you feel a bit slower like a lagging video with bad service.

“Don’t we have test tomorrow in-” I yawned.

“Yeah but you need to call it a sick day man.”
“Nah, I can to it plus the weekend is almost here.”

Alyssa shook her head probably disappointed.

When did she become my mom?

Throughout the day, she told me all the negative side effects of not sleeping or eating or taking care of myself. I nodded because that’s all I could do. I didn’t have enough energy to talk or even listen to half of what she was saying. You know how the adults sound in Charlie Brown? That’s what Alyssa sounded like.


When it was finally time to go home, I couldn’t be more happy. Alyssa gave me a ride home, as usual, and yelled at me to get some sleep. Well once my face hit the pillow my body didn’t dare to move. After a few hours or so I woke up. Stretching, I began to feel better. I had some energy now.

I got up but stopped, something was different. Something felt different. Everything was black, I couldn’t see anything. Was this a blackout? Am I still asleep?

“Mom!” No one answered.


What? What’s going on? Wait I have my phone in my pocket, the flashlight!

The light didn’t shine that much but it was better than nothing.

“Mom! Dad! Anyone home?!”

Where is everyone? I found my way down the stairs. There was really no one home. I went to the basement to check the fuse box. Flipping all the switches nothing happened. Confused I flipped the switches faster and harder like that was going to make a difference. Wait, we have candles.


Lighting the last candle, I was able to see better. The candles lit up my room and I had a better idea of where I was stepping. I checked the time, it was 4:30. Wait that’s the time I had gotten home and went to sleep. Did I sleep for a whole day? But I had no dream, I woke up normally.

No dreams, no melting faces and no distorted voices.


Maybe the lights will turn back on.


But this is a dream so what lights? I tried to unlock my phone but it wouldn’t let me. What kind of dream is this?

Where are the people, the frowning faces?

The room was still lit from the ten small candles in my room.



There was noises from downstairs. People! Quickly I made my way to the door…. The door was gone.

My door, where did it go?

There was voices, it sounded like my parents.

“Mom! Dad! Help!”

I bangged on the wall.

“Have you learned to be a good boy?” Mom’s voice slightly sang. That’s not my mom.


There was silence between us.

“Have you learned to be a good boy Jake.”

“Shut up!”

“Don’t speak to your mother that way.”

“You’re not my mom.”

She said nothing. The silence grew along with the ringing noise in my ear. It grew louder and louder like someone was yelling, no screeching.  


It got so loud that I couldn’t take it anymore. Falling to my knees I tried covering my ears.




Am I dead? Ouch, my head hurts.

There was a light invading my eyes forcing me to open them. I was at the kitchen table and in front of me was a whole buffet full of dishes that I loved.

“Oh look darling, Jake is awake.”

Mom placed more food on the table. She smiled at me with a toothy wide smile. I looked over at Dad who was doing the same.


“That was quite the fall huh?”

I realized that both my ears were wet. I didn’t say anything.

“Grace.” Mom said putting her hands together, Dad did the same. I looked down to see I had been tapped to the chair I was sitting on.

They both closed their eyes and began chanting something that sounded nothing thanking for food.

The chanting got louder, the light’s started flicking and the table began shaking.


“It is time for us to leave.” They chanted.

“Stop! Stop!”

They didn’t. Their eyes opened revealing nothing but all whites.

“Say grace Jake.”

They demanded. I shook my head.

“DO IIITTT!” They screeched. It was the same sound as before in my room.  


The feeling of liquid rushed down my face from my eyes and ears. Screaming along with them I soon blacked out.


“He’s coming to, nurse go get the doctor.”

“Jake, please wake up, please I love you.”

“Everyone stay back, give me some room.”

Distant voices drowned out the sweet silence.

My eyes fluttered open seeing people hover above me. Where am I?



“Hey Jake its mom.”


“You’re at the hospital, your mom found you in your room unresponsive. She said you were shaking and screaming nonsense.

But the worst thing was that you were asleep for about a week.”