Kombat Time Travel!?!?

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Kombat Time Travel!?!?

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Kombat Time Travel?!?!

*Spoiler Alert*


With all the blood, gore, bone cracking, and exciting combat, Mortal Kombat will forever go down as one of the greatest fighting game franchises. Last week, the prologue for the latest game, Mortal Kombat 11, got released along with the gameplay. The question that everyone is wondering besides who the main villain is and who is Geras is “what the main story is about”?


As we could see from the prologue, it takes place after the events of Mortal Kombat X(10). Shinnok is locked away being tortured by the hands of Raiden. However in the prologue, Raiden looks different from how he usually is. Raiden has a dark type of attire, and instead of his lightning powers being blue, it’s now red, and he also has a different type of attitude as well. Along with the prologue and the trailers for the game, there have been a couple predictions on the story’s main focus.


I interviewed a big fan of Mortal Kombat and asked him on his prediction on the main focus on the story.


2nd Year Cadet Julius Rodriguez says “I believe the story is about fixing the mistakes Raiden did in MK9.”


Personally for me, I believe that the story is based on time travel, seeing most of the fighters back to what they were during the early ages of Mortal Kombat, along with fixing Raiden’s mistakes as well. Besides the story I hope and believe that MK11 will a great game when it comes out on April 23rd


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