Let’s Get Ready for Some Football!

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   Super Bowl LIII is coming up and will be held at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium here in Georgia on the third of February.


   This year’s Super Bowl teams are the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. The Patriots is being favored to when due to their past wins. And Junior, Dj Gray said, “Patriots all the way.” when asked who he expected to win.

    The ticket sales for this year have been down not because of the $3,000 starting price, but because Patriots’ fans ‘have been there done that.’ However, there will still be thousands of people attending.

   If you haven’t been watching football for the past weeks then here’s the rundown. The Los Angeles Rams faced off against the New Orleans saints and won in overtime by a field goal. The Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs went head to head and also went into overtime, the Patriots winning by a touchdown.  

   If you ask Senior, Cambren Harrison, if he believes either team should be in the Super Bowl the answer is no. “Both teams cheated their way into the Super Bowl.” he says.

   The Super Bowl is definitely going to be  a game you do not want to miss.

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