Dream State Chapter 4

A WEEK!!! I’ve been asleep for almost a week?

“This might be a shock to but please stay calm.”

“Doctor he’s not moving, is he okay?”

Mom asks in a panicked tone.


The doctor nods saying to give me some space and that I need to process what’s going on.

They both leave the room.

The beeping of the machines in the room kept me company in the silence of the room.

Sitting there gave me some time to think. I can remember the dream and every detail. It felt so real, all of them do.

I placed my hand on my left ear. No blood. But I could feel it dripping down my ear and the tears. They felt real too.


Beside me on the nightstand my phone was blinking. Picking it up I could see there was a flood of texts from Alyssa asking where I was and if I was okay. I decided not to text back.

A few minutes later the doctor came back but my mom didn’t.

“Okay Jake we’re going to run some tests on you to make sure nothing is severely wrong with you.”

He looked at me and smiled.

“Something wrong? Cat got your tongue?”

He laughed a little before calling in a nurse.


“Please get him some clothes and send him to the testing room.”


She nods obeying him.  She comes back with clothes and the doctor leaves. She hands them to me with a smile and leaves the room.

“If you need any help I’m outside.” She says. After just sitting there for a while I slowly get out of the hospital bed and get dressed.


There was a mirror in the room. Looking in it I saw someone else. The person looking back at me was not the same person. This person looked dead or souless.


“Are you done?”

The nurse asks opening the door slightly.


She smiles and takes my arm to lead me to the testing room.

We entire a big white room with only a table and a single chair. The nurse leaves before I could ask any questions.

“Welcome Jake. Please have a seat and we’ll get started.”

I sit down and he begins to hook me up to a machine.

“This looks like a lie detector machine.”

“Yes but it reads your heart rate.” I nod.

“Okay this will read your heart rate for a while. Don’t worry this won’t take long. If you need anything I’ll be in the other room.” I nod once more.


He finishes strapping me in then leaves, clipboard in hand. The machine starts making a buzzing sound. I look the small needle reading my heart rate. The lines went up and down. The rhythm of the lines and the soft sound of the buzzing machine was kind of soothing.

While staring at the lines they began to become fuzzy. My vision began to blur, it was like the fuzzy filter that’s in my dreams.


Faces were being made into the lines. Wired, is it supposed to do that? Was that normal?

“Alright Jake that’ll be it for today.”

The doctor walked over scribbling something down.

He unhooked me.

“Was that all? Easy.”

“Told you it wouldn’t take long. I found some strange things but I’ll have to study it but for now you’re free to go. Oh but before you leave here, it’s sleeping pills to help you sleep. Your mother said you had trouble falling asleep. This’ll help.”

I thank him and gave an awkward smile before leaving.


I met up with mom in the waiting room. She hugged me and we went to the car.

“What’s that?”

“Oh, a prescription for sleeping pills.”

“Hopefully they’ll help.” She murmured to herself.

We drove to get the medication, got some pizza then went home.


Mom talked about random stuff from one of her shows she likes to watch. She went on about how a lady got sued for running over some other lady’s dog and breaking it’s leg. She was satisfied that the lady had to pay for the damages.

I wasn’t listening that well. I was more worried about the strange things the doctor had noticed during the test.

Nothing happened though.


Skipping dinner I headed straight for bed. Looking at the small pill bottle in my hand twirling it in my hand.

Sleep Tite

That was the name of the pills. It’s supposed to help me sleep like a baby, we’ll see.

I took one of the pills, turned off the lamp on my nightstand, and closed my eyes.

After fifthteen minutes I was sleep.


I waited and waited. Nothing happened. There was no dream.