Dream State Chapter 5

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It was a Friday afternoon and I was speeding it waiting on Dr. Zork.

I couldn’t wait to tell him what happened last night. I finally slept like an actual baby!

Being the last to be called in I made my way to his office.


“This is a surprise, a surprise visit from my new favorite client. What do you have for me today, anymore crazy dreams?”

I shook my head. “No, no crazy dreams this time.”

“What? How?”

“I got some sleeping pills from a doctor called Sleep Tite. it really helped me.”

“Well…. Uh that’s good news I guess.”

Dr. Zork had a slight hint of disappointment and sadness in his tone.

He tapped his pen on his clipboard thinking.


“Well since I have you here I want…” He paused. “Nevermind you’re doing better so  shouldn’t bother with such things.”

“No, what do you want to tell me?”

He shook his head waving his hand at me.

“Nothing nothing you may leave now. It was good seeing you please stop by anytime.”


He pushed me out the door and closed it behind me. Strange. It was 4:40.

I called Alyssa to ask if she could come and get me. She did and picked me and dropped me off at home.

Mom was sitting on the couch watching her evening shows as usual.

“You’re home early.” She said looking at me. I shrugged.

“What do you want for dinner?”

“Nothing, I don’t feel hungry.”

Mom nods but gives me a look as I walk up to my room. Suddenly I began to feel sleepy. I lay on my bed and pull out my phone. Scrolling through social media and watching videos on the internet my eyelids begin to get heavy.


Soon I had fallen asleep.

Waking up from the notification sounds on my phone I looked around before checking my phone. The room was dark. Checking my phone there were texts from Alyssa.


Alyssa: Yo, wanna hang out?

The time stamp read that she sent this about twenty minutes ago. Why am I just now getting the notification?

Me: Oh sorry I was sleeping.

Alyssa: That’s fine, at least you’re sleeping. Still wanna hang out?

Me: Dude it’s dark out

Alyssa: Scard?

Me: No

Alyssa: Then let’s hang out

Me: tomorrow

Alyssa: Loser ;P

I didn’t text back. I went to my light and switched it on. I closed the curtains before going downstairs. Mom was still watching tv.

“Where’s dad?”

She shrugged.

“He hasn’t came home yet. You in your room for a long time.”

“Oh yeah I was just taking a cat nap.”


Mom turns to look at me with a smile. It was a warm smile but soon turned weird.

The smile grew from ear to ear making my mom’s face look like a cartoon character. Her face twisted evenmore with the smile.

“Jake are you okay?”

Mom’s face became normal. Blinking I nod trying to rub the image of my mom’s face out of my eyes.
“You still not hungry? I can make something real quick or order a pizza.”

“No I’m okay.”

“You haven’t eaten anything since you got home from the hospital. You’re all skin and bones. A twig.”


I shrug.

“I’m just not hungry that’s all.”

Mom rolls her eyes and goes back to the tv.

As I watch her watch tv the image came back. That disturbing smile was now imprinted in my mind. I know this isn’t a dream. My mom was in her normal clothing.

So…..what was that?