Dream State Chapter 6

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I haven’t been to my therapist in almost three weeks and I also never had another dream in those weeks. Although the faces of people in real life began to become worse. If I stared too long their faces would become distorted and long. They would just stare at me until someone snapped be back to reality. Alyssa, like always commented on the weird behavior.


“You okay?” She asked once when we were walking around a store.

“Uh yeah I’m fine.” I answered. She kept asking if everything was alright with me and if I needed someone to talk to. I was say I was fine and that I didn’t need anyone to talk to. I was getting better.

No dreams/ nightmares, no more sleepless nights either. I still barely ate though. Eating too much made me throw up right there on the spot. My stomach refused to hold anything down. Even though I thought I was getting better my body didn’t look like I was. Before not eating I had a little meat on my bones but now I’m just bones.


I was laying on my bed when I heard a knock at the door.


“It’s mom. Are you going to eat something?”

“No.. I’m not hungry.”

“Jake you need to eat something. You haven’t eaten anything for the past three days and you haven’t eaten a full meal in I don’t know how long.”

I didn’t say anything.

“You can eat in your room if you’d like.”

Again I said nothing. I think she left because she didn’t say anything after a long while.


I laid there with my eyes closed holding my growling stomach. A couple of minutes later mom came in with a plate of steaming food. It smelled so good and it made my stomach go wild in huger.

“I have your favorite.” Mom sang as she made her way to the bed.

I sat up and she handed me the plate. The smell was intoxicating and almost made me light headed. I was just hungry.

I picked up the fork and shoved it into the food. I could feel my mom looking at me waiting for me to take a bite. I took a bite and the food burst with flavor.


“See, you can eat. I want this plate empty when I get back.”

Mom smiled at me before leaving and closing my door. I looked at the plate and took the fork again. With every bite it felt like I was discovering new flavors that I never knew existed when they did.  

After eating I went into a food coma.




“You’re awake. You’ve slept for hours.” Mom gave a small laugh while dad, who was sitting on the couch gave a small grunt.

“I was surprised that the plate was actually clean. I thought you would’ve put it down when I left.” I rubbed my eyes and looked at my dad while my mom was doing some Saturday morning cleaning. I focused on his face and the natural frown he had. He truly wasn’t a happy man, he never looked happy. The more I focused on every feature of his face the more strange it looked. His frown grew longer and his face looked even older, about twice his actual age.


He turned his head towards me and he looked like Popeye The Sailor man but a soggy version of the old cartoon. He opened his mouth. His teeth were even more yellow than before and he also had less teeth too.


“Jake, JAke, JAKe, JAKE!”


I blinked, dad’s face went back to normal but he looked annoyed.

“Stop staring at me and help your mom clean.”

I looked annoyed now.

“Why don’t you help her you lazy rat.” I mumbled under my breath.

“What was that?”



The day was kind of a blur. I would zone in and out with people asking if I was okay.

“You should go see Dr. Zork about your problem.” Alyssa suggested. I shook my head.

“No I’m fine, I think I’m just tired.”

“No, you’re not tired. You’ve slept ever since you got out of the hospital. You’re not tired.”

“Alright doctor Alyssa, then what’s wrong with me?” I ask sarcastically.


Alyssa thinks for a while. She pulled out her phone and goes to the search bar.

“Okay what were your dreams about?”

“How’s that going to help?”

“Dude just tell me.”

“Fine. They start with people I know and see on a daily basis. They have this smile, a almost crooked smile. They’ll offer me some type of food and when I say no their smiles turns to frowns that could hit the floor. Then they try to kill me.”

Alyssa said nothing and typed something in the search bar.

“Oh here we go. You space out sometimes so what’s happening there?”

“The people’s faces I see are like the ones in my dreams until I snap back to reality.”

She nods and read something. She puts up her finger before looking at me.

“Okay from what I’ve read your nightmare were pretty terrifying I could imagine and since those dreams stopped they manifested into the real world when you’re awake. So when you space out that’s what you’re experiencing.”


She goes to read something on her phone again. Suddenly her eyes get bigger in shock.

“You need to see your therapist like right now.”


“Just go. Now.”