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It’s TomeCon Time

TomeCon 2019 promotion poster.

TomeCon 2019 promotion poster.

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Tomecon, one of the most important and exciting days for all TomeCon members. A day of sessions, author signings, and presenting the literacy projects students work on all year. Students will also receive   awards for their hard work all year.


Tomecon is an all-day event for all Tome Society members. Tome Society is an organization that involves literacy competition and a list of books that encourage students to read and be creative. TomeCon is the biggest event for participants. Tomecon grows each year with last years count being 1500 and this year all 2000 have been sold. At the event, you get to meet famous authors of all your favorite books and participate in different sessions that help you expand your knowledge.


A few well known authors joining us this year includes McCall Hoyle, author of The Things with Feathers, Erin Summerill, author of Ever the Hunted, Felecia Doyle, author of When the Son Speaks a Promise, and Nicole Castroman, author of Blackhearts. Other special guests include Brian Buffington with Pioneer Resa, and Kelly Hopkins, founder of #Teen Pit. TomeCon 2019 also includes informative and inspiring sessions including, Brian Buffington with Creating Happy Music, Mentors and Mentees with Demitria Lunetta and East Hall High School student, Bailey Maxwell-Williams, and Poetry off the Page with our very own, Mr. Hardison.  One of our most excited attendants this year is Freshman, Mauriana Gilbert. This will be her 4th TomeCon and her first high school Tome experience.


“I enjoy getting to compete each year, meeting authors, and getting to see Brian Buffington.”


In all, TomeCon 2019 is sure to bring new and exciting opportunities to the literacy world. Each year we encourage our attendees to keep reading and to take the lead.


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Hi, I'm Chesney Wilbanks with the East Hall Newspaper. This is my first year at the newspaper as well as my first year at East Hall High School. You may have seen me at the football games in the Marching Band. I am in the Colorguard and am a first year marcher. This will also be my 3rd year in Tome Society. Outside of school I enjoy going to the mall with my friends. I also enjoy going to the Free Chapel Youth Group. This year I would like to write about things currently happening here. Whether that's sports, upcoming events, or writing about my opinion, I want to write things that people are going to want to read more of.

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It’s TomeCon Time