Taking It On Screen


Viking Vision Theater Group

The East  Hall Theater group has just launched their very own YouTube channel created by Andrew Autry that is currently a.10th grader. The channel is called Viking Vision Theater Group, its first video was just launched last week.

Andrew he has been involved with theater since 8th grade. He primarily works on the technical side of theatre.  The moment he got to high school he decided to take up a notch and starting acting and being in the productions. He also recently starting going back to the technical thing once again. One of his proudest work was the costumes and props that he made for “The Wizard of Oz.”  


Andrew was asking what made him want to start a YouTube channel for the Theater. To which he responded with, “ I notice how another theater program at others schools had YouTube channels and we didn’t and since I love editing videos and I know a little bit about running a YouTube channel. I asked Mrs.Jordan if I can start one and she said yes.”


The goal of the YouTube channel is to get the word out about theater and their upcoming production and hope to get people to join the theater. Also, Maura Ostrander (10) helps film the vlogs and other students hopefully some will help out in the future. So our YouTube can really launch.


He was also asked what kind of content would they on the channel to which he respond with, “behind the sconce, vlogs, trailers for upcoming shows, and possibly clips from the shows after we perform them.