Student Spotlight


Student Spotlight
By: David Perez

Jorge Renteria is your average Senior at East Hall High School with big dreams and goals, just trying to enjoy his last few months here. Believing in himself and others with love and effort is something he always tries to do. He is known for his hardwork, kindness, and ability to never give up.  

A fun fact about Jorge is that his favorite thing in the whole world is dinosaurs. Especially the big and mighty T-rex. He can relate to them because of their fearlessness. In his free time, you can find him working at Chipotle.


Jorge told The Valhalla that he is looking forward to life after high school.


“My school year may be coming to an end, but you better believe that once I walk up on the stage, I will continue in a new journey”

Yeinny Rodriguez, a Sophomore and one of Jorge’s best friend, says


“Jorge has helped me in tough times and whenever I needed a friend. He was always there to hug and support me all the way.”


Jorge is a great student and friend in many different ways. He continues to make a great impact in East Hall High School.