Dream State Chapter 7

Alyssa was racing down the street at top speed. I begged her to slow down multiple times but she ignored me. She looked determined and a little worried?

“Get out.” We had made it to the therapist office. She basically pushed me out of the car then sped off. Confused I walked into the building. No one way there. I knocked on Dr. Zork’s door. Instantly the door swung open to reveal the short old man.


“Ah Jake, what a surprise.” He smiled. “What are you doing here?”

“I don’t know. My friend dropped me off and left. She said I needed to see you but I don’t know about what.”


Dr. Zork nods and lets me into his office.

“You’re in luck. I was about to leave early.”

“Oh then I shouldn’t bother you.”

“No no no it’s fine. Please, how have you been?”

I shrugged.
“Good I guess-” He cuts me off.

“Good? Boy you look like a dressed up skeleton. Have you been eating?”

“Yeah but not much.”


Dr. Zork shakes his head.

“So, how have your dreams been? Had anything strange happened?”

“No, well yeah. Since the dreams stopped the faces I see in those dreams appear in real life when I look at people.”

He nods.

“Are you still taking those sleeping pills?”
I nod.



“Stop taking the pills.”


“Come back in two weeks when you stop taking the pills.”


Then he pushed me out of his office again. What? Why were Alyssa and Dr. Zork acting so weird? Did they know something I didn’t?


I didn’t tell my mom what my therapist said. She would throw a fit about me not taking the pills anymore. My first night without the pills was just af if I had taken them. There were no dreams or at least not the ones that used to come. It was normal night.

The next day went on as usual and as usual people’s faces began to warp and distort if I looked for too long.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Not until after a week of not taking the sleeping pills did something strange happen. The dreams started again but not in the same way as before. I would be alone in a room. It wouldn’t matter was room I was in, mine, the classroom from school or a bathroom. I would be alone and hear my name being whispered over and over again until I woke up. After first night it happened I began to keep a journal and write down everything so I could tell Dr. Zork later.

After the time limit he set for the pills I went in, journal in hand.


He picked me last to go in even though I had set an appointment before everyone else. There card stamps read 5:30 or 6:00. My card read 2:44. The last person came out of the office. Dr. Zork looked at my with curious eyes as he motioned for me to come in.  

“So how’d it go?”

I handed him the book. He opened it with no questions and began to read. After he closed the book and gave me a smile.


He went past me to his desk and began typing like mad on his laptop.

“This is how your dream are going to come back.”

I said nothing. I had nothing to say.

“And what you wrote in that book described what I thought would happen. What about the faces?”

“I try not to look at anyone anymore.”

“Look at me.”


I looked at the man’s wrinkled face. Nothing happened for a while, then his face dipped but snapped back within a second.

“Nothing happened.”

“Are you lying to me?”

“No, nothing happened your face was normal.”


He nods.

“Well I want to do another experiment.”

“What kind?”

“I want you to restart another journal and after every dream I want you to write down everything as soon as you wake up. I want every graphic detail, leave nothing out. Come by everyday after school and we’ll discuss everything. After a week I’ll gather all my notes and findings and tell you what I’ve found.”


And with that I was sent out the door, I wasn’t pushed in a rush this time. Before leaving though Dr. Zork kept reassuring me that once he finds what he’s looking for I’ll be left alone forever with no dreams and will be able to live a normal life.


Journal Entry One: After the pills worn off

After not taking the pills for awhile I began to feel a little loopy. I’ve been having those dreams again. But they’re not scary anymore but stranger than ever. The faces in my everyday life have stopped warping. Sleep is something I am starting to be afraid of again. Not like before though. I’m terrified of what happens when everything goes back into full effect. I don’t know what will happen from here on out.