Collage Awaits

It’s that time of the year that Seniors have waited for,  the start of life after high school.

The Transition Fair is just around the corner, more specifically it’s next Friday. It will be held at Christ Place Church in Oakwood, where colleges will be waiting for their next bright students.

The purpose of the transition fair is to help out students with choosing their colleges. It has been said that mostly local colleges will attend the fair like UNG, Lanier Tech, Piedmont and many more.  Going to the fair is a great place to get started for juniors to know what college they could be considering. As for seniors it’s a great decision on what’s the next step.

Coach Matt Tuner a business and tech teacher was asked a few question about Transition. Mr. Turner was asked how students are chosen to go to the fair.

“ First teachers from a career pathway choose five students to go and of course transportation is provided.”

Overall transition fair is a great program that would help out our students in the later future.