Last Club Day


This year, East Hall started an event called club day where clubs are able to hold meetings for their members throughout the school day. Students are allowed to be dismissed from specific class periods if their names are on the club rosters. As of today, 2 club days have been held and the last one for this school year will be held on Thursday, March 7th.

The clubs that are meeting that day are FCA, CTI, International Thespian Society, TOME Society, HOSA, Interact, HOPE, FFA, Chess Club, FBLA, and Robotics Club. If students are in any of the mentioned clubs and on the roster, they will be allowed to go to their club during 6th period, only after getting dismissed by their teacher. They will then stay in their meeting until 6th period ends and they will continue on normally with their schedule.

If students were unable to attend last club day, they can always attend the last one for this school year. They always have the opportunity wait for the 2019-20 school year and join more clubs in order to attend.