Dream State Chapter 8

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Journal Entry two: Something happened today

Something happened today. While in class today something felt off, like someone was watching me from a corner in the room. There was a strange darkened corner in the room. It felt cold in the room to which was odd because that particular teacher I had always kept her room desert hot because she always complained about being so cold. Then why was the room cold? Was it just me? Everyone had their jackets and sweaters off during the lesson, so it was just me.


I pulled my jacket on and tried to pay attention. I couldn’t shake the feeling of someone staring at me in the classroom though. This wasn’t a dream but thought I should put it here.


A few days had gone by and everyday after school I went to Dr. Zork’s office to discuss anything weird happening. He would sit and listen to anything I had to say, recording each conversation we had together. Each session he looked like I was giving him a million bucks. He sat all wide eyed asking questions about every detail of the dream and what I felt.


He asked me if the original dreams I had before the pills came back. No, they hadn’t. They never came back.

Alyssa and mom were worried about me. I wasn’t sleeping anymore and I ate less than before. They never believed me when I said I was fine. They watched over me like mother hawks. The only time they don’t watch over me is when I’m with Dr. Zork. My dad has become annoyed with the constant attention I get from my mom now. He’s always hated when my mom would constantly check on me but now he’s to the point of not even coming home anymore.


Journal Entry three:

I’m starting to hear people call my name. It’s not like the usual mis hearing something but it happens when no one else is in the room. It’s not even a whisper so I can hear it clear as day. It only happens when no is around though.

Am I going crazy? Dr. Zork told me it may be side effects of not taking the pills and the lack of sleep. He told me to ignore it and continue writing down my experiences.


Journal entry four:

I can’t I can’t do this anymore. I want to sleep. I can’t sleep. I want to end this and sleep forever. Whenever I visit Dr. Zork I can’t tell what he’s saying anymore, let alone other people too. I can’t tell if they’re speaking english or something they made up. I just nodded and at like I knew what they were saying. I should ask them to repeat it before agreeing to something stupid. Sometimes I can’t even tell if I’m speaking correctly. My speech has become slurred and slow.

I don’t know how much longer I can take of this. I’m losing my mind each day.