Knight And Shining Pokemon

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Knight And Shining Pokemon  
By: David Perez

With the success of Pokemon games for the past twenty-one years, that legacy continues on with with another game called “Pokemon: Sword and Shield. Pokemon: Sword and Shield is coming with a all new region of Pokemon just waiting to be released. The all new game will be taking place in a new area called the Galar region where you, as the trainer, will travel across many challenges. But hey, don’t worry, you will have your trusty starter by your side to help you make sure you reach the top and become a champion.

Fun fact about the new game, SPOILER ALERT!!! The new region is taking places inspiration of the characteristics of England featuring Stonehenge, a gigantic rock that is one of the world biggest mysteries and new Pokemon. Your starter pokemon is like the basic grass, water and fire type, but here we have Grookey, the grass monkey; Scorbunny, the fire rabbit; and my favorite, Sobble, the water lizard that can disappear.

In a interview with Jesse Escobar, a long time pokemon fan says “The game looks great and can’t wait to get his hands on the new pokemon game.” “Never give up and never look back because sooner or later you’ll become a champion”