Dream State Chapter 9

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It was after school and I was at Dr. Zork’s office laying on the couch.

“Okay after all my research and findings from your dreams I have a theory. But first I need you to close your eyes and try to sleep.”

I did as told.

“Okay think of the last time you’ve fully relaxed and focus on that. I want you to relax. I’ve learned through the art of lucid dreaming you can manipulate your dreams.”

I focused on something relaxing trying my hardest to not think of one of the dreams. Soon enough I was sleep. I was in the office. Dr. Zork was nowhere to be found. There was a lingering feeling of being watched by something. looking around there was writing on the walls.


You can never leave

Dr. Zork appeared in front of me with a bowl of hard candy with a joker like grin stretched across his face. He handed the bowl to me.

“Take one.”

I took one candy out but didn’t eat it. Sometime ago Dr. Zork said eating the food I’m offered is like accepting the creature into my life. I drop the candy on the floor. His eyes watched as the candy rolled underneath the couch. His head shot back at me. He now wore a frown that was full of evil. His body began to twitch and spaz out. It looked at if he was glitching out.


For some reason there was a sudden high pitched noise. My ears began to bleed. I feel to the floor holding my ears and trying not to scream. The screeching became intense. What was I even doing here? What am I doing here?


“Jake, can you hear me? Don’t wake up okay but I need you to listen to me. During my research I found out that you have to find the source of your monster and defeat it. Kind of like in a video game.”


I tried asking what he meant by a source but I don’t think it worked. Still on the floor and holding my ears I didn’t notice the screeching had stopped. Looking around things looked different. The room was darker and dull. It looked like if was melting almost. The walls began to ooze a strange black liquid before engulfing the entire room in black. There were no lights but I could still see my hand and what was in front of me.


“You shouldn’t have done that  JAKE! YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE!!”

Quickly I covered my ears trying my hardest to listen to the voice.

“STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT! STOP TALKING!” I screamed. It didn’t stop. The voice seemed to bypass my hands and go straight to my ears. It felt like the room was spinning like wild. But when the voice stopped again the room stopped too.


I tried calming down from all that excitement or whatever you would call that. I was in a black room. I was waiting for something to pop off but after a while I figured nothing would happen. I remember that I could manipulate my dreams. I imagined a walkway out of the room that would lead to my house. The house had a fuzzy like filter around it. The two versions of my mom and dad sat on the couch with wide smiles. Once they noticed me their smiles increased by ten.


Their faces looked unsettling and wicked like the other version of Dr. Zork’s face.

“Oh Jake, you’re just in time for dinner.”

Suddenly I was teleported into the kitchen. It still had not exit. In front of me sat spaghetti and meatballs.

“Eat up,” Said the mom. “You look ever so sick.” remembering the thing Dr. Zork said about accepting their gifts I pushed the plate on to the floor. Their faces began to melt while they still had those sickening smiles on their faces. The meatballs turned into eyeballs. The walls began to grow eyes as well and mouths that chanted my name.


Ignoring them I imaged another passage way to school. I ended up in the boys bathroom. The mirrors  were smashed and looked glitchy. looking into the mirror I saw a figure behind me but in like every horror movie when I looked back nothing was there. I made my way out of the bathroom into the empty halls. The lights flickered making the hall dimly lit. Walking my footsteps echoed through the halls.


I couldn’t help but look into each classroom I passed trying to find anyone.

“Jake! Over here!” I looked down the hall to see Alyssa or the dream version of her. She waved at me but I didn’t wave back. That would be the same as to say hi to death it self. She began to walk towards me. Slow at first but soon she picked up speed and suddenly she was right in front of me. She had a smile but it was different from everyone else’s. Her smile was…..normal. It looked like her smile she gave me in real life.


No Jake, no. This is not Alyssa.

“Hey, we’re going to be late to class. C’mon.”

She turned and I followed behind but at a two feet distance. She kept looking back smiling at me. I didn’t do anything, I just stared at her. We went into a classroom that was pitch black. Alyssa turned on the light revealing our classmates. They turned with smiles on their faces before going back to the teacher. The teacher smiled but said nothing as she continued to teach the class.


I stood at the door. Alyssa tried to take my arm but I flinched away. She gave a confused look but went to go sit down. She patted the seat next to her. Walking over I looked at the chair she was wanting me to sit at but I sat somewhere different. She gave a small frown but nothing else. I wasn’t paying attention.


“Hey Jake.” Alyssa was now sitting beside me. I jumped out surprise and also from being a little scared. The class was now full of multiple Alyssa’s all talking at once.

“What to do something after school?’ They all asked. Scared I got out of my seat trying to escape. They all asked what was wrong and why was I being so mean to them. They chanted my name along with the phrase you’ve made a mistake. They crowded around me saying the same thing over and over before it stopped.


I was now alone in a room I didn’t recognize. The walls were white and padded. There was a camera in one corner and a small tv in the other corner. It was of me looking at the tv in confusion. What’s happening? What is this place. I’ve never seen a room like this before.


The tv went to static then words appeared.

You’ve made a big mistake. Now suffer.

The tv shut off. Nothing else happened.


“HELP!” I yelled.

“SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!” I began yelling until my throat went sore. I began to cry a little. Am I stuck here? Is this what a coma looks like?


“Dr. Zork please. You’ve got to wake me up.” I whispered.

There was silence. Sweet blissful silent.


“Jake, Jake can you hear me? Wake up!” It was Dr. Zork’s voice on the other side. My body began to shake violently.

“I can’t wake up.” I said but he didn’t reply to what I said.

“Jake! Jake! Wake up please.”

He couldn’t hear me. He couldn’t hear me but I can hear him. My body stopped shaking. The tv turned back on showing into the office.  


Dr. Zork was on the phone. He was shaking and he looked scared.

“HELP!” I yelled.

He can’t hear you

The voice spat. It laughed at me. I kept yelling for help but nothing worked. He got off the phone and came back to my side pleading for me to wake up. I tried to wake up but I couldn’t. After a moment or so there was a knock at the door.


The door opened and three men came in. Dr. Zork pointed to my motionless body. He said something I couldn’t make out and they nodded. They took my body onto a stretcher and wheeled me away. The tv turned off.

“What do you want from me? You’ve taken away everything what else do you want?”


Hot tears fell onto my face.

“Answer me!”

There was a laugh but nothing else came out of it. I sat in a corner hugging my knees crying.


“How long has he been out?”

The tv was turned on. The room was dark and the only light was the light coming from the tv.

“For almost a month.”

My body was at the hospital. Doctors and nurses hovered over my body talking. A month? It only felt like the next day though.

“Is he in a comma?” Asked a nurse.
“Don’t know, we’ll keep trying though.”


The doctors left. The next person to hover over me was my mother. She had never been the religious type but she was praying, praying that I would wake up one day. After what felt like an hour the doctor told her to leave. She cried asking for a bit more time but they said sorry and told her she had to leave. My face began to feel hot and my throat began to hurt.


I wanted to cry but didn’t know if I had anymore tears left. The tv shut of again. I tried imagining a way out of this room but everything I tried was a dud. I haven’t heard the voice in a while though.


I wonder what will happen next.