The Jonas Brothers are Back?!

Yes ladies your dream has come true, The Jonas Brothers are back! Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas are back together and making music again. As we all know, they disbanded on October 13, 2013, and they got back together in 2019.


They first got together in 2005, and started gaining popularity because of Disney. They were in the Camp Rock movies, the first and second movie, and they had their own show called “Jonas Brothers” where they all had the lead roles. Two out of the three Jonas Brothers are married now, Joe Jonas is engaged.


The most recent song they released, “Sucker”, which is their most trending song. My ladies, get the Jonas brothers poster on your walls. It’s time to start obsessing over them again, until something happens. Girls will always have a thing for boy bands, and the Jonas brothers are the legends. Now we are obsessed with BTS or CNCO (for those who listen to them), Most of us remember the Jonas brothers, and we were so disappointed when they disbanded.


Our childhood dreams have come true now that they are back, all the Jonas brothers fans ready to start fangirling. I wouldn’t blame them, boy bands are kind of hard to resist for some reason. I think the real attraction towards boy bands is because of the charm, and the music style. There are many different reasons as to why girls are so attracted to boy bands, and we will more than likely keep falling for them.


Boy bands are like our kryptonite, we just can’t ignore that feeling we get from their music. It really is like kryptonite for us girls, Meaning that the Jonas brothers are our kryptonite.  We were all reminded of the fangirling we did when we were little, mostly because of One Direction and then the Jonas Brothers.

“ I was so excited that they released a new song, like while I was watching the music video. I just got reminded of my childhood when I would obsess over them,” says a student who chooses to remain Anonymous.

The way they came back will probably go down in musical history, so let’s enjoy it while it’s happening.

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