Dream State Chapter 10 (Finale)

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The tv keeps flashing on and off showing me parts of the life I was missing. Doctors have declared that I was I was in a coma. They said if I don’t wake in a few months then they’ll have to pull the plug. No matter how much my mother would beg them they told her the decision was final. To them I was asleep for three months now but to me it was only a few days. Time here went so slowly.


I no longer knew what hunger was nor did I know how to cry anymore. I felt light like  a balloon that was fly with only the wind to carry it it.


“Please, what do you want from me?”

My voice was dry and felt like I swallowed sand.

“What do you want?”


I’ve been asking that same question for days but got no response. The tv turned on again. My mom was looking at me begging for me to wake up.


“Please wake up. I’ll do anything just please wake up.”

I looked away. I can’t watch something so sad. Speaking of sad if she could see me right now this would be sad. A boy hugged up in the corner looking like a ghost who lost its color. I laughed at the thought. A ghost losing its color. Ha! What a funny thought.


The volume on the tv got louder and it was hard to ignore the cries of my mom. She cried loudly. Some of her words were hard to understand. I cupped my hands over my ears. I have to block it out. I can’t let it into my head. But I’m in my head.


“Stop! Haven’t you torture me enough!? Just STOP!”

The tv got louder and my mom’s cries got louder and also distorted.

Look at the tv Jake, loook.


My head turns involuntarily to the tv. My mom’s face was sad but it was unsettling. But before anything could happen I turned my head and began to scream trying to match the same volume of the tv. The room filled with a buzzing noise. Like someone had let lose a butch of bees.


The voice screeched yelling at me telling me to look at the tv. I kept refusing. I can’t let it break me. Using the rest of the strength I had (the little of it I had) I imagined a walkway that would lead me out of the room. After some trial and error a walk way appears. As soon as it appeared it soon began to disappear and break away. Quickly I ran to the walkway before I would completely go away.


I was in a void. I only thought of an exit but not to where the exit would lead to. But I was somewhat free from the prison I was held it. I imagined that I was in my house. I imagined I was in my room and that no one was home.


Still remembering why I was here in the first place I imagined what my earliest memory was. It was my 5th birthday. Everyone sung happy birthday and little me blew out the candles with the biggest smile. The adults all had big smiles on their faces too. Everyone looked happy. In the corner on the right of little me was dark. Trying to focus my eyes I saw a tall slender thing.


It’s skin was scaly like a snake or like a lizard. It’s nails were long, longer than my arm. It was looking at small me with a wide toothy grin. It’s teeth was stained a pale yellow. Suddenly it looked at me, waved slowly then disappeared just like that.


With a sudden shake of the room I was in my parent’s room. They were shouting in incredible anger.

“You need to be more of a father! You can’t run away from your family like this!” Mom yelled jabbing a finger at my dad.

“Well if you weren’t so useless then maybe I’d stick around!” Dad yelled back. Dad took his jacket out of the closet and put it on. When he was about to leave I was there. Little eight year old me was watching from the corner. When they saw eight year old I ran to my room.


Behind me was that same creature from my fifth birthday party. Dad walked past it like it didn’t exist. It didn’t exist, well, not to him at least. Now I was in the living room. I was about fourteen at the time. I was watching tv while mom was making dinner. I remember this. Dad came home late and didn’t even bother saying hi to anyone. He didn’t even eat dinner with us.


Fourteen year old me asked what was wrong with dad. She said he was tired and he needed some alone time. Not knowing any better I believed her. While mom washed dishes I went back to watching tv. And there it was, that creature. It was watching over me while I watched tv. I remember feeling like someone was watching me. I would look back to only see my mom still washing dishes.

For the third time the creature looked up at me. It raised a finger to its mouth.



The memory began to crumble and shatter like glass. There were whispering voices. Some I knew like my friend and my family and some I didn’t know or demonic sounding voices. I couldn’t understand what they were saying nor did I try to understand. I just stood there waiting for everything to be over.


When it was I was alone. I was alone, no voices no nothing. It was just me and only me. Alone with my thoughts, memories, and that ugly creature.

There was a beeping sound in the distance accompanied with the loud cries of two women. They were begging for someone to stop doing something. The cries got louder as the beeping got softer.

“Please no! Stop!” They cried. In front of me was that creature just looking at me.

Told you you’ll never leave. Now you’re stuck with me forever.

Soon the beeping stopped and the cries became distant. I began to feel light-headed. I’m just tired, I need a nap.

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