Humans of Valhalla: Mr. Jason Greene


Mr.Greene Posing for a picture

Jason Greene is a teacher here at East Hall High School and he has been teaching Coordinate Algebra, Geometry, and co-teaching Advanced Algebra for 3 full years but this is his first year teaching at East Hall.

Greene went to the University of Alabama Birmingham for his bachelor’s degree and he is currently finishing a graduate degree at Georgia College.

Greene likes to spend time with his kids and do lots of fun activities on his free time and outside of school. He also likes many sports, including basketball, football, and baseball

Some extra things he does here is he is the sponsor of the East Hall Math Team and does the afternoon Coordinate Algebra tutoring sessions on Tuesdays.

Something interesting about him is that he has worked at the railroad for 4 years”

“My favorite part about this school is the whole environment and also the teachers I work with.”

Ernesto Ruiz a Sophomore who goes to East Hall and is in one of his classes commented about him. “He’s a dope teacher he helps a lot and he cracks jokes that are actually funny. He’s one of the the best teachers if not the best”