On My Block Returns

On My Block Returns

On My Block came out with their first season on March 16 of 2018 and from there they became one of the most popular shows on Netflix. It is  safe to say that you no longer have to wait as On My Block just came out with their second season March 29 just this Friday. So If you had no plans for spring break you sure can tune in to watch this teen drama all week. Or if you are more of a binge watcher then you might have already watched the whole series. As season two came out at midnight.  


On My Block, the last episode from season one left many watchers on their edge of there sit. To where Jamal finally found the treasure he has been looking for, where Monse and Caesar are finally together and the scene that left everyone wanting more. When Ruby was shot by Tarell  that, left many viewers with tears. Especially after their trailer for season two had many viewers who were excited about the upcoming season.


Carolina Semas (11) was asked if she would be watching on the new season, “I’m honestly ready. Like the trailer really got my attention and I’m just going to binge watch it.”


Johanna Molina (10) was asked would she be tuning in for season two to which she said, “I’m planning on watching when it comes out so I’d wait until it hits 12 to watch and probably binge watch it.”


Season two came out with 10 new episodes and to say that the first episode would keep you on your toes is something to look forward to.