The House of Eyes Chapter One

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What happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors.

A house where secrets keep and what lies, lies deep.


“Momma, where are you going?” Pearl asked watching her mother put on makeup.


Pearl kept watching as her mother put on red lipstick. She thought red always looked pretty on her mother. Her mother was always pretty. Not a wrinkle to be seen. She was so very young.




“You look very pretty.”

Her mother didn’t say anything. She fixed her hair and makeup one last time before turning off the bathroom light and walking out. Pearl watched out the window as her mom got into a car with a man she’s never seen. Once her mother was gone Pearl locked the door and ran upstairs. She closed her door before going under her bed. She pulled out a box and opened it. Inside was her pet bunny. His name was Arland.

Stroking the furry creature she hummed to it.


This one lasted longer than all her others. They lasted about a week or so but this one lasted a whole month. She smiled at the bunny and took it out of the box.

“Hello.” Pearl whispered.

“Are you ready to play?”

Pearl sat the bunny on the bed and got some of her dolls. She had a habit of customizing her dolls. They would come all pretty but she’d make them prettier. Some of the doll’s hair was cut really low and chopped or they were completely bald. She even used some of her mother’s makeup on the dolls. Pearl thought they were pretty.


She sat the dolls around the bunny along with teacups. She poured some red thick liquid into each cup. She held a teacup to the bunny trying to make it drink whatever she poured into the cup.

“Is it good?” Of course the bunny didn’t answer.

The bunny moved and sniffed the bed and accidently knocked over one of the cups. Without missing a beat Pearl picked up the bunny and threw it on the floor. With a hard thud it hit the floor, it didn’t move. Pearl cleaned up the mess and put all her toys away singing while she did so.


Once done cleaning she went back to the bunny who was now moving just a little bit.

“You’ll have to go where all my other pets go.”



It was in the middle of the day. Pearl and her mother was sitting in the principal’s office for the third time that week. All the other kids were playing outside laughing and having fun.

“Why’d you call me in here? I was very busy.” No she wasn’t.

“Your daughter brought something interesting for show and tell.” The principal pulled out a small box the girl had had.

“So, it’s a box.”

“No it’s what’s inside the box.”

Slowly the principal opened the box to reveal bloody teeth that looked to belong to some animals. The mother didn’t say anything while her daughter looked at the kids playing outside.


“We’ve told your daughter multiple times that she couldn’t have things like this in school. She scared the kids in her class. The teachers had to send her right up to me because they didn’t know what to do.”

“I see nothing wrong with them. They’re harmless.”

“Yes they are but what worries me more is how she got them in the first place.”

There were silence for a moment then the mother said, “Well if we’re done here then I’ll be leaving.”

She took the box of teeth and shoved it into her purse. She walked out the building but not without being stopped by one of the mothers.


“Oh hey there haven’t seen you in a while.” Chirped the mother.

“Oh hey Nancy. Yeah it’s been a while.” Said Pearl’s mother. She fake a smile and bit her tongue.

“Hey Jimmy is having a birthday party this weekend and I was wondering is you and your little girl would like to come. I know your daughter doesn’t have many friends and little ol’ Jimmy is just sociable.”


She faked a laugh. It was one of those laughs that said I don’t like nor want to talk to you.

“We’ll think about it.”

She began walking again before she got stopped again.

“Hey you know your daughter isn’t the most pleasant person to hang around and I’m just trying to do you a favor.”

She turned with another fake waxy smile.

“Fine we’ll be there.”

“Oh great, that’s perfect. It’ll be a three.”


The mother waved bye but she didn’t wave back. She mumbled all the things she wanted to say under her breathe. She got into her car irritated still speaking under her breathe.

Back at the school Pearl sat in the classroom somewhat listening to what the teacher was teaching.

“She looks like a boy.” A girl whispered to her friend. They giggled loudly.

“Is something funny girls?” Asked the teacher who was looking at them with stern eyes. They quickly shook their heads and looked down. The teacher went back to teaching but the girls stilled made jokes about Pearl’s appearance and slightly giggling about it.


Even though Pearl would look at them they would just laugh even more.

“Alright class partner up and do the activity.”

Everyone paired with their friends leaving Pearl wall alone.

“Why aren’t you partner up with someone?” Asked the teacher.

Pearl looked up at the teacher with dead eyes and no real emotion. She didn’t answer but just looked.


“How about you work with those two girls.” He pointed to the two girls that were making fun of her. The girls looked at the teacher then at Pearl with surprise. Pearl walked over and sat in front of the two girls on the floor. She didn’t say anything and looked at the two girls. The two girls tried to finish the activity but were distracted by Pearl’s icy stare. Once finished they just sat there.


“Go on. Whisper about me.” Pearl said. Her voice sounded scary to the girls.

“We’re sorry about that. We were only joking.”

“Yeah we didn’t mean anything.” Said the other girl.

“I have a joke. Knock knock.”

“Wh-who’s there?” Asked one of the girls.


“Boo who?”

“Boo who, he can see you.”

“That wasn’t funny.” Said the girls.

“He can see you.” Pearl whispered. It felt like the room had fell silent.

“Alright children clean up. School is about over.” Said the teacher and the kids did just that.

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