EOC Rule

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With the end of the school year quickly approaching, the End of Course Exams will be here sooner than expected. Students are trying to prepare for these rigorous tests to insure a passing grade in their classes. EOC’s will be required for all 9th Grade Literature,  American Literature, Biology, Physical Science, Coordinate Algebra, Analytic Geometry, US History, and Economics classes. In past years, the rule was that if you scored a 70 or higher on the EOC, you automatically passed the class even if your overall grade was below a 70. The rules are a little different now.


If you score a proficient level (Level 3) or higher on the EOC, you will automatically be awarded credit for the course regardless of you grade.  Your teacher will reward you with either your EOC grade of your course average, whichever is higher. If you score a proficient level and are still failing, they can then reward you with a 70 in the class.

If you score a developing level (Level 2) on the EOC and have a failing final grade, you will be given the opportunity to get full credit for the class if you attend the 10 day summer school and meet the requirements. If you pass the EOC with a 70 or above, your teacher can choose to award for the course.


I asked students on how they felt about these rules and most of the responses were positive.


“I believe the rules will give students more motivation to want to pass the class and the EOC. I really do like this rule and I am excited to see how it all works.” Katie Baugh (11)


“I am not taking any EOC’s this year, however I do think this rule will work out well with those taking them.” Karah Dale (12)


We are all hoping for a good outcome with these rules and we cannot wait to see what happens!