The House Of Eyes Chapter Two

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It was the day of Jimmy’s birthday party. Pearl and her mother were getting ready. Her mother was painting her face in makeup like she always did.

“Momma, do I look like a boy?” Pearl asked while watching her put on makeup.

“Why do you ask?” Her mother looked down at her daughter who was sitting on the edge of the bathtub.

“I have short brown hair. Boys have short cut hair.”

“Honey pay that no mind. You do look like a boy that’s why I make you wear dresses. Now go get that boy’s gift and put it in the car. Wait for me there.”


Pearl obeyed. She went to the living room and picked up the large baby blue box. She opened the back car door and put the box in. Pearl sat in the front watching all the other girls run with there long beautiful hair. She stroked her short brown hair while looking at the other girl’s hair blow in the wind. Soon her mother hopped in the car and drove to Jimmy’s house. The car ride was uneventful for Jimmy lived three blocks away. They walked up the dark blue door and knocked then waited.


Within seconds the door swung open. Jimmy’s mother smiled and created the two.

“Oh and Pearl. I see you have a gift for Jimmy.”

“Yep, she even made it herself. She wouldn’t even let me see what she got him.”
“Oh mysterious.” She sang. “Here I’ll take that and place it with the others.”


She guided the two in. She told Pearl where the other kids were and took her mother with the other mothers. The kids played outside playing tag and laughing.

“Why are you dressed like that?” Jimmy asked Pearl who was just watching the kids play.

“Like what?”

“Like an old doll, you even had a bow on the back of your dress. Is this a costume?”


“My mom said you’re antisocial. She said you don’t like to play with other kids and you’re creepy.” Jimmy said this all innocently like he didn’t know what he said was rude.


“Why aren’t you playing?”

“I’m allergic.”

“To what? Fun?”

She turned her head to the boy.


“That’s not a real thing.” Jimmy said then ran to play with the other kids. Pearl went inside to find her mother. All the mothers were in one room laughing and talking about mom stuff. One mom noticed the small child at the doorway looking at them.


“Hey sweetie are you lost? The kids are outside playing you should go outside and play with them.”

“Where’s my momma?”

“Oh she went to the bathroom. I’ll tell her you were looking for her now run along.”

Slowly Pearl walked out of the room and back to the backyard.

“Hey we’re playing tag, want to play?” Jimmy asked Pearl. She didn’t even answer when the boy pulled her into the circle to determine who’s it. One by one each kid was picked out not to be it. One kid was left, Pearl, she was it.


All the kids began to run giggling. Pearl stays frozen while the other kids run around.

“You’re supposed to run!” A kid shouts. She looks over at the kid who begins running thinking she was about to chase him. All the kids began to hid as Pearl began to move about the yard. The kids were good at hiding but not very good at keeping quiet. Easily she found each kid. They groaned with laughter and would say “aww you found me!”  and ran to the middle of the yard and waited for the game to be over. Soon all the kids were found. They were called in by one of the moms and were told to wash their hands.


Everyone ate cake and icecream and were loud.

“Alright everyone gather in the living room. Jimmy is going to open his presents.” Jimmy’s mother sang.

Everyone did just that. Jimmy went for the big present, the one Pearl brought.

“No, open that one last.”

Jimmy agreed thinking nothing of it. For the next ten minutes they had to watch a little boy open presents and pretended to be interested. All presents were opened, all but the large pale blue box. Pearl herself brought the large box over and sat it in front of the boy. He smiled wide and opened the box. A horrible putrid smell erupted from the box.


Jimmy’s mother gasped while Jimmy was in tears. Confused and course everyone looked inside the box. They gasped in shock.

Inside the box was the mutilated remains of Jimmy’s dead dog. The dog was hit by a car a week prior and remembered Jimmy crying about it at school. She knew the dog was buried in their backyard so when her mother told her that they were going to his birthday party she thought of this. It was the perfect gift for the boy. Pearl thought it was.


“What is this a joke? How dare you!” Jimmy’s mother shouted.

“He said he would love to have her back. I gave her back to him. Did you want her stuffed?” Pearl asked the mother. Another mother ushred the kids outside.

The little girl smiled at the boy. It wasn’t a normal smile but more of a sick and twisted one.

“Don’t you love it?” She asked.


Jimmy was at this point bawling his little green eyes out trying his hardest to get away from the box with his dog in it.

“What is wrong with your child? This isn’t what a normal eight year old does. Please get out now.”

The car ride was silent. Her mother didn’t say anything to her nor did she look at her daughter.



On Monday all the kids were whispering about what happened at the birthday party. They commented on what was in the box to those who didn’t get to see. They whispered about how sick of a gift that was. Jimmy didn’t come to school on Monday nor any day of the week. Quickly rumors began to spread about the boy being missing. He moved away, he switched schools, maybe he’s depressed.

Being in second grade they didn’t know the full understanding of depression but it didn’t stop them from saying it.


They blamed Pearl for him being missing. They gave her weird looks which she took with a grain of salt.

“Did you kill Jimmy?” Some boy asked.


“Then where is he then?”

“How should I know.”

“You’re weird.” He said crossing his arms.

“And you don’t know your dad.” She looked at him. “Is that all?”

The boy ran away crying, “I’m telling!” He shouted as he ran. He came back with the teacher.

“What did you say to him?”

“Nothing.” She said.


Again she met her mother in the principal’s office. They went of the usual and her mother took her home. She sent her child to her room and went out. When the mother was gone Pearl left the house and went to Jimmy’s house. She knocked on the door.

“Oh it’s you. What?” Jimmy’s mother’s voice wasn’t as happy as it was before. The little girl stuck her small arm out. In her hand was a small box.

“We don’t want anymore gifts from you. Poor Jimmy is scared to leave his room. As you know he hasn’t been to school all week.”


Pearl said nothing but put the small box on the porch and walked home. When she was gone Jimmy’s mother picked up the box and opened it. It was teeth, teeth of that from a dog and a note.

Jimmy might want these for his birthday gift.

Disgusted the mother left the box on the top shelf of her book case so her son wouldn’t find it.


“What’s wrong with that girl?” She muttered under her breath.

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