Breakthrough Release

Promotion Poster for Breakthrough.

Promotion Poster for Breakthrough.

New movie, Breakthrough, hit theatres on April 17th across the US. The movie has already hit 12 million views on Facebook and touched the lives of many. The true story recalls the terrifying moment that took place on Martin Luther King Day 2015 in St. Charles County.


Breakthrough is based on a true story about the impossible being defied. The inspirational film of a mother’s love through facing life threatening odds. When Joyce Smith’s adopted son, John,  fall through a lake frozen over, Joyce loses hope regarding her son’s life. Through her son laying lifeless in the hospital, the last thing Joyce chooses to is give up. She encourages everyone around her to remain faithful, persevere, and remain in prayer. We see Joyce’s strength through her son’s fight for survival.


The real victim of the terrifying events changed John Smith’s life forever. On January 19th 2015, John and his two friends went out on the partially frozen surface of Lake St. Louis. The ice was unfortunately was not strong enough to hold up 14 year old John. He fell in the lake and spent approximately 15 minutes in the bottom of the lake. John was then rushed to hospital and was dead for nearly and hour. The doctors then told them there was nothing else they could do, that’s when John’s mother, Joyce, began praying over her son. As soon as the doctors began leaving the room, his heartbeat came back. 16 days later John left the hospital fully recovered from the accident.


Breakthrough is sure to be a tear-jerker and not leave a dry eye in theaters. The true story is portrayed by Chrissy Metz who expresses how raw and emotional this movie truly is. Breakthrough is a true testimony of how the impossible can be done.