Review: A Classic “Underdoll” Story

Promotion Poster for UglyDolls.

Promotion Poster for UglyDolls.

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The movie UglyDolls was released in theatres May 3rd and received contradicting feedback from what the outcome of the film was expected to be. The movie starring Kelly Clarkson as Ugly Doll, Moxy, and Nick Jonas as perfect doll, Lou, didn’t receive the most positive of feedback despite the meaningful message it conveys. The light-hearted film portrays a theme that no one is perfect as well as no matter what we look like we all deserve to be treated the same. Moxy’s goal as a toy is to be loved by a child and fulfill her purpose, but will she be able to even though she isn’t quite like everyone else?


In the town of Uglyville, being unique is important and all Uglydolls celebrate their differences. Free-spirited Moxy, and her friends live and embrace their little town but often long for more than what their home has to offer. Moxy always dreamed of having a purpose and one day hopefully meeting the child for her. Moxy and her closest companions go on a journey through a mysterious tunnel that will lead them to what they always hoped for, a child. They will have to face Perfectville where they don’t accept differences. Even though Uglydolls are rejected, Moxy is determined to get passed anyone who doesn’t accept her.


The new-released film racked up $8.6 million in sales the first week of its release. While this may sound good for the movie, that amount is struggling compared to other films of the same genre. Even though the movie didn’t surpass expectations, I personally thought the movie deserved more credit than its given. It is too often that children are being exposed to the idea that you need to look a certain way to be accepted into society. Uglydolls is an empowering movie that is trying to combat these stereotypes children today are being subjected to. From the first time I watched the trailer, I was excited that young kids would see the movie as well as hopefully understand that it’s okay not to look like everyone else and to be confident in what makes you different. The film doesn’t only have a truly inspiring message, but is also funny, and engages you the entire time. It’s the kind of movie that keeps the excitement going and never has a dull moment. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a light-hearted film with excitement to keep you on your toes all 91 minutes.

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