Collegiate Grill’s Valhalla Support

Collegiate Grill’s Valhalla Support

On Monday, May 13th, Collegiate Grill in Gainesville will host a percentage night for the football team. From 4pm to 7pm, 20% of your ticket will go towards the East Hall High School Football Team. All proceeds will be going toward equipment and supplies needed throughout the upcoming football season.


Collegiate Grill is a ‘50s style diner located in downtown Gainesville on The Square. They serve foods such as burgers, hotdogs, fries, and shakes.


    I asked Coach Michael Perry if he had ever eaten at Collegiate Grill and how he felt about it.


“I’ve eaten there many times starting from when I was a kid. Their burgers and shakes are phenomenal! It’s very nostalgic and just a fun place to eat. Anyone in Hall County needs to say they’ve had a burger there!”


    Not long ago, April 22nd, Chilli’s held a similar fundraiser. The Chilli’s manager told Coach Perry that was the most crowded Chilli’s had been and $450 was made for our Viking Football Team. Let’s show Collegiate Grill that same Viking Pride and support our team.