New Tome Society Coordinator: Amanda Hall


Tome Society logo.

As the school year begins, so are new clubs, sports, and extra curriculars. Poster all along the hallways encouraging students get involved here at East Hall, meetings and practices are being scheduled. One of the many clubs returning for its 8th year is Tome Society. Not only are new and exciting things happening this year for Tome, there is also a new coordinator behind it all. Mrs. Amanda Hall will now be the new coordinator for Tome Society. While we are all devastated that Co-Founder, Mrs. Rebecca Hamby has left our school, we are all eager to see what new Director, Mrs.Hall has planned for the year.


Tome Society is an organization based in North Georgia that is involved in literacy competitions, reading, and different ways to express creativity. Tome Society’s mission is to encourage children grades 3-12 to read, be creative, and learn leadership skills. Students can receive scholarships through Tome Society as well as graduation pin. Co-owners, Rebecca Hamby and Jennifer Parker have been the only ones to run Tome Society since it was created in 2012. While Jennifer Parker is still coordinating East Hall Middle’s Tome Society, Mrs. Hamby has left East Hall to homeschool her children. Although it is devastating to lose one of our most beloved teachers, all of Tome Society is excited to see what new teacher, Mrs. Hall, has in store.


This will be Mrs. Hall’s 12 year here at East Hall and 1st year individually running Tome Society. Hall was a teacher at Wauka Mountain Elementary for 4 years before transferring to Lyman Hall Elementary where she was a Media Specialist. Mrs. Hall was a Media Specialist their for 9 years before transferring to East Hall High School being our Media Specialist ever since. Hall has helped in the past with Tome but had never took on this big of a role. 


“ I am excited to be apart of a club at EHHS that helps support literacy and I feel very honored to start this new adventure.” 


This shift not only affects the coordinator, but the students involved in the club. Many students involved in Tome have had Mrs. Hamby as their coordinator for all of their years in Tome. This change has affected many members, especially ones who have grown to know and love Mrs. Hamby for their previous years in Tome. Mrs. Hamby was the previous Media Specialist in Valhalla and taught in the Hall County School System. Hamby made the tough decision to leave East Hall to be a full time mom and homeschool her children. Although, she said she would still always come to special events and help out.


Overall, all of East Hall is eager to see what Mrs. Hall brings to our school in her position. Hall hopes to bring fresh ideas to the club and continue to improve literacy in our school, build relationships with students, and overall have a successful school year.


“I hope to be able to connect students to great books and help foster a lifetime love of reading and learning.”