Vivid Vikings: Share Your Creativity

Share your creativity with us

Want to share your poems, story ideas, songs, etc…?

Feel like putting your ideas out there for the world to see?

Then you can put them in the Vivid Vikings. 


The Vivid Vikings is a section for all things creative. Students can put whatever they like (as long as it’s school appropriate of course). 

You can put songs, poems or even your own art work along with the poem or story you have. 


It’s a place where you can be yourself. If you’re not comfortable with sharing your name but you do want to share something thing you can put it as anonymous or pick out a custom name for yourself. 


Vivid Vikings is where your voice can be heard and/or you just need an outlet for stress. Or if you have lots of ideas or things you’d like to share then this is for you. 


If you’re interested in contributing to the Vivid Vikings one way you can submit the thing you want is by coming to room 125 and talking to Mr. Burle or you can fill out a Google form. 


Like stated before, if you’re not comfortable or really like the idea of having your name out there you can submit it anonymous or create a custom name for yourself that you can use every time you submit something but you have to keep the name that you make the same for everything you submit so things won’t get confusing. 


Ex: If you submit something with your initials then you’ll have to submit everything under that same name, so think about what you want your name to be carefully and it has to be school appropriate. 


But if you do want to share your creativity with us and the rest of the school then we’ll gladly add it to the school’s newspaper.