The Misadventures of “Confused” Boys

The Misadventures of “Confused” Boys


What do you get with young middle school boys, adult jokes, sexual innuendos, and violence? An unexpectedly “good” movie called Good Boys. 


 Good Boys is an R-rated movie that contains 6th graders combined with adult nature whether it’s violence, drugs, sexual activity or anything adult related. The movie was produced by one of the most popular producers Seth Rogen who also produced and starred in Long Shot and Sausage Party, along with him, Gene Stupnitsky, who produced movies like Bad Teacher and Year One, also produces the movie. The main cast of this movie is Keith L. Williams as Lucus, Brady Noon as Thor, and Jacob Tremblay as Max. 


My thoughts on this movie is that it’s really funny, it has good comedy and and it has a good cast of characters to be in this movie. Along with that, Seth Rogen is a producer of this movie, he’s one of the most popular people in the movie industry, a lot of people who are Seth Rogen fans would enjoy this movie. 


Some students here at East Hall shared their thoughts on the movie. 


East Hall Football player and Senior Zion Hill says, “It seems like a funny movie, while I was watching the trailer, it caught my interest.”


East Hall Senior William Eldred says, “It looks alright, I’d watch it because it’s produced by Seth Rogen and he’s great at making comedy movies.”

ROTC Cadet and Senior Julius Rodriguez says, “It looks funny, that fact that they let middle schoolers cuss like that, makes it funny, and it’s produced by Seth Rogen, so it makes it ten times better.”


The movie was released on August 16th and it’s still in theaters, so if you’re interested in “kid-friendly” violence, go watch the movie if you can.