Unfinished drives leads to the 49-8 loss against Union


     A devastating loss at Valhalla leaves the Vikings with a 0-2 record. The second game of the Viking football season takes a toll on the Vikings as they are not talked about anymore.

     “We lost our first 3 games at Centennial before we made it to the playoffs, “ Coach Perry told the Vikings. The Vikings lost against Union County 49-8. Most of the Vikings drives ended close to the goal line, but they failed to drive it into the end zone. The Vikings wide receiver Matthew Lott (8) gained many yards in the game. Deshawn Gray (11) showed his worth on defense, defending the pass game. The day before the game, The JV team showed out, stomping South Hall, 34-6.

     “I thought the offense played much better this week, but we still have to learn to finish drives.” Coach Perry said. The Vikings fumbles deep in the Panthers territory killed them. QB Clete Cooper completed 31 out of 41 passes for 302 yards and a TD. On defense, The Vikings forced two turnovers, but they have to do better finishing drives.

     This week against Woodland, the Vikings offense will have to score on most drives to keep up with the Offensive line and running back of the woodland offense. The Viking practice has been running the Woodland plays to get their offense and defense ready for the game Friday. The Vikings scout team at practice has been working the starting defense hard, especially the JV wide receiver and quarterback, Andrew Shockley. The loss against Union has brought the Vikings down, but will they show out Friday against Woodland?