Marching Into A New Season

Setting up for a new year, the East Hall High School Viking Marching Band is getting ready for the 2019 marching season. The band is preparing to represent East Hall in many marching competitions as well as support our football team at games. Band Director, Adam Youngman, as well as the students in marching band, are preparing themselves by practicing and staying determined to the band and the season coming ahead.

The East Hall marching band has been working on their 2019 show, Shattered, since early July. Each member of the band has had to work hard individually to make their show, which centers around the process of a relationship gone wrong and the recovery from it, as amazing as possible. When asked about how he has personally prepared for the marching season, Director of Bands, Adam Youngman, responded by saying,

“I always try to do a little bit of professional development every year to stay on top of everything.”

Youngman further describes how he goes through a yearly process of preparing all marching band students by realizing the show in the late spring semester to encourage students to get excited about the following season. Then the band goes into actual practices starting from early July until the end of the football season. The marching band also prepares for several competitions throughout the season and Mr. Youngman shows his enthusiasm for the band’s participation in the competitions by stating, 

“I’m really excited for the competitions that we’ll go to this year and to see how we place. We did really well last year, but I have a very good feeling that it can be a really special year for us.”

The way band students are preparing for the marching season is equally as important individually and as a group considering the more than 150 members in the marching band. Rashel Rodriguez, Senior and clarinet player, explains how she helps others around her and herself get ready for the season, 

“As a section leader, I try to always be prepared with my section as well as myself and making sure we stay hydrated and making sure we’re practicing our music. As woodwind captain, I do try to prepare myself for always being attentive for certain things like the drill.”

Senior, baritone player, and brass captain, Gavino Tello, adds to Rashel’s explanation of preparing for the marching season by saying how he takes his instrument home throughout the week to practice any music that gives him difficulty. He also tries to create a bond between him and the people around him to be able to help in any way he can. 

“Putting my all. Just practicing outside of practices and performing well every single time we do a rep during rehearsal.”

That is what Cindy Argueta, Senior and color guard captain, said about how she prepares herself for the season. The East Hall Marching Band students use many different techniques to ensure that they can be prepared for the overall marching season. 

Apart from normal practices and performing at football games, the band also represents East Hall at several marching competitions and at an exhibition where they compete with other bands and perform their full show. This year East Hall has the honor of hosting the Hall County Marching Exhibition where many Hall County bands will come to our Valhalla stadium to perform. The event will be September 24th and is a great event to show your support to the East Hall and our school overall. In late September and October, the band will perform at three competitions in Armuchee, Chestatee, and Monroe to show off their hard work and be a representation of the school.

To close off, Mr. Youngman expresses his appreciation towards his students and the thing he’s most excited for this season by saying,

“I love our group that we have this year. From top to bottom, our senior and junior leadership is really strong and they have great enthusiasm for getting better and for our show. But I’m also really impressed with the younger members that came up from the middle school this year. They also kind of have that same feeling of wanting to get better and do something really cool.”