The Truth on McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine

McDonald’s is what we call the “All-American” fast food restaurant, where you can get everything from hamburgers to salad, even breakfast. While McDonald’s is an overall well-liked restaurant, there has always been one consistent issue with McDonald’s for years, this being that their ice cream machine never works. It’s not known exactly why their machine always happens to be broken. Could it be poor quality machinery or are workers just slacking?


McDonald’s was founded in 1948 by Dick and Mac McDonald in 1948. The brothers moved to California to find new opportunities, and eventually took the risk of starting a business. The business then took off and locations were then dispersed across the US. It was estimated in  1960 that in total there would only be 1,000 and locations possibly in Canada and Puerto Rico. Today, there are well over 36,000 locations in more than 100 different nations. The brothers never truly knew that what they thought was a risk became one of the most famous things people know of today. 


It’s always been a mystery as to why McDonald’s ice cream machine always seems to not work. We’ve all seen countless GIFS and memes sharing the struggles of when the machine is down. Some believe the machinery is poor quality, others believe workers slack and don’t feel like making ice cream. In 2017, a statement was released by McDonald’s that they would be replacing their machines. This only let customers down just 8 months later when the phrase “our machine is broken” was starting to be used again. While rumors go around about why the machine is always broken, sadly most people’s theories are incorrect. The real reason behind this dilemma is that the machine often takes too long to clean. Reports claim that some days the machine goes through a 4-hour cleaning and ice cream can’t be served when the machine is going through the cleaning process. 


What do students think about this recurring issue? I talked with Sophomore, Mauriana Gilbert, about her opinion on this issue.


“I feel that many of the workers don’t keep up with maintenance and can be lazy, which causes their ice cream machines never work.“


This issue has gone so far to the point of an app being created that alerts people which McDonald’s ice cream machines work and which don’t. The app goes by the name “Ice Check,” and was created after Raina McLeod wanted a Mcflurry, she then drove to McDonald’s to only find out that the machine was broken. The app works by putting in your location and the status of their ice cream machine will show up for the locations near you. Overall, the app has been helpful for many and is a modern and innovative way of solving this issue. 


No matter what the reason for the ice cream machine dilemma is, people have never been satisfied with their ice cream. For the time being, people will have to take a chance on McDonald’s, and hopefully, the issue can be resolved soon.