How Hurricane Dorian is Affecting East Hall

Many families in the East Hall Community, and surrounding areas may be affected by Hurricane Dorian, but in unexpected ways. These effects can be seen as early as the start of this weekend and into next week. Due to the start of hurricane season, Dorian has began moving into Georgia’s southeast coastline, hitting Savannah and other coastal cities which affects East Hall and Northeast Georgia. 


Hurricane Dorian began as a category five storm when it hit the Bahamas’ Abaco Islands and devastated most of the community there. Currently, Dorian is a category one storm with winds up to 90 miles per hour. Though its weather patterns have been changing, the storm has seemed to continue a path going out of the Bahamas and into Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. Wednesday, September 3rd, governor Brian Kemp expanded the state of emergency on the east coast of Georgia in response to Hurricane Dorian making its way towards us. Alongside that, he also opened up Highway I-16 in order to allow rescuers, supplies, and equipment to go towards Savannah, and the coastal cities, once the hurricane can pass and it is safe to return. Since that Wednesday, 21 counties in East Coast Georgia have been included in the state of emergency. Meteorologist, Brian Nitz from WSBTV, said this about Hurricane Dorian approaching the Georgia coast,


“The worst of it, unfortunately, is still to come in the hours ahead. By tomorrow, it is going to be over for us and the Georgia coast.”


Though it is far from our own East Hall community, winds from Hurricane Dorian are making its way towards North Georgia, but are affecting our weather throughout this weekend for the better. East Hall science teacher Joshua Hite explained exactly how this storm is changing our weather.


“It’s pushing weather patterns from the North and they’re going past each other and we’re not gonna get hit from anything, so it’s just nice, clear skies for a week or so.”


 Hite explained how the usual weather front and winds coming from the North towards Northern Georgia is being pushed back by the strong winds of Hurricane Dorian because of the magnitude of the storm. This results in East Hall being cleared of any bad weather or strong winds for the time being until the hurricane shifts away. 


Unlike many of the unfortunate situations of other areas hit by Hurricane Dorian, East Hall’s community won’t have to worry about catastrophic damage from the storm. However, help is still needed for areas badly affected by Dorian and relief efforts made and are accepting donations to continue their help after such a catastrophe.