Chess Club combing with Dungeons and Dragons


East Hall High School has many clubs one of many clubs here at East Hall is Chess Club and the advisor is Mr. Daniel Prest in room 209. 


 Chess is a game of strategy. Two players on a board with 64 square spaces on an eight by eight grid. The chess club has been at East Hall for 5 years. When he was in high school he was in chess club because it is a fun place to hang out. Everyone in chess club has something in common and share a similar interest. Chess is a mathematical game and has numerous strategies. Chess challenges you to think in different ways. There are various types of strategies some play aggressively and others re actively which means you base it off on how the other player is playing. Planning several steps ahead gives you an advantage in winning a game. After school is over with you play competitively against other players involved in the club. Chess club has meetings every Wednesday. There are 13 people involved in that particular club and you could still absolute join. Prest says,


‘’Mr.Wilson and I are planning to combine Dungeons and Dragons , we also plan to do it together every Wednesday’’


Ansley Anglin is a junior that is involved in this particular club for two years. 


‘’I like chess club because you get to meet new people, and it proves to boost your knowledge also the people in there are cool and chill, as for a new player it can be difficult because it is a new experience and you could base it off of how you play’’


Chess involves your mathematical strategies and various types of ways to play. A new player to the team could have a rocky start but would get better as you keep on going. Chess is actually proven to boost your knowledge by increasing your concentration following up with reading, this also improves your IQ, as well as your problem solving skills and  communication skills. There are many upsides to playing chess and one more upside is that you are surrounded by people who have the same interest as you and have a sense of what the team is about and the great skill types that come with the club. Dungeons and Dragons will collide together with the members of Chess. Together both clubs will involve approximately twenty people. Chess club is still open for people to join in on the club on Wednesday with Mr. Prest in room 209.