A Day in Intern Life

East Hall High School work-based learning is one of the most beneficial programs for our students. The Nursing program that Northeast Georgia Medical Center provides for our medical students. 


Arely Adame is currently a senior and this her first year as Inter Medical Assistant. Arely always wanted to have a career in the medical industry ever since she was a kid. She never saw herself going into another profession. Later in the future, she is planning on going to North Georgia University and then transfers to Emory University. To pursed her career as a pediatric registered nurse. 


The requirements for being able to be part of the medical internship is to complete the Health Care Pathway at high school.  


Arely just on senior year said that she waited senior because, “ I wanted to focus on the internship this year, so I waited for this year because my schedule was more flexible this year. As while as I could’ve done it next year while finishing up the pathway but that was just too much.” 


The work-based learning program purse is for students to get real-life experience on work in a job field that is interesting in the future. To get training and know the expectations in going when it comes to adulthood. 


Work-based learning for Arely as she said is, “I would call it a place where you get to experience real things and put in practice material you learned in books and lessons.” 


 In Arely’s daily day as an intern is that it starts off the morning. She goes in for her goal to complete three hours, three days a week. When she is on the clock she can observe the test that is run on the patient. She is at the Imaging Center in which they see all types of X-rays. 


Arely talks about how she felt going in as an intern for her first week. “Yeah, I was nervous and a little scared but mostly excited. One thing that what made nervously was our uniform. All the interns have to be wearing the same. Yeah, it’s just a small detail but it one thing that I was stressed the night before. After that, you just get into the routine and from there it’s all about just learning.” 


One rule that the hospital is mostly strict then others are following HIPAA. Which is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability. The purpose of the rules is to keep information about the patient’s privacy. Other rules that they also want you to uphold is good work ethic behavior and coming in on time. 


Arely mentions that the hospital does take the HIPAA very serious, even with high school interns, “ We spent a good bit on HIPAA, they explained it to use. They talked about what happens if we broke that rule and at the end, we sign a contract.” 

 Arely mention that by taking the internship it would help her by, “I could use it as an experience and I hope to learn if this is really for me but so far I still like this is for me”