Cross Country at East Hall


Cross country is a running sport at East Hall about athletes running 3.1 miles or 5k. Cross country is good for getting in shape and it makes you a better runner as well as a stronger one.It is also known to relieve stress and it is painful to an extent.  Coach Carter is the coach of the Cross country sport If you wish to pursue more into cross country you could be in the Olympics and compete. 

     Cross Country have their meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays and have them with local schools.Most people involved in cross country before a meet get nervous because they are running against other runners and they do not know what their speed is on the opposite team of who they are playing. 

    The fastest time record on the team is 17.55 by Froy Ruiz Senior. Cross county has 10-12 meets this year there are 22 athletes on the team. The way they the cross country team gets ready for a meet is by practicing to get faster by running at the community center and at school.          To cool down your muscles the whole team takes an ice bath this also helps reduce swelling of the tissue from running this is also a healing process. 

   They run on terrain which is running on a long piece of land as well as sand, gravel , concrete dirt as well as grass. On Tuesday September 10 Cross Country had a meet against West Hall  there meet had started at five p.m. the junior varsity ran at the meet. 


Kevin Mejia junior joined cross country 


‘’To get in shape and I have been in there for 3 to 4 years and he enjoys it because I like running and I want something to keep myself busy after school.’’

Angel Mejia  who is junior and on the Cross Country team 


‘’I am in cross country because I enjoy the rush I get from running and i have been in it ever since I have been in middle school.’’