Student Spotlight: Katia Gonzalez


Katia Gonzalez (Right) at HoPe Retreat

Into the second month of school, most students always seem to chew more than they can swallow. Katia Gonzalez being one for example.


This week’s Student Spotlight goes to Katia Gonzalez who is currently a Junior. Katia is a student that exceeds excellent as most of her form teachers would describe her. She is an AP student awhile as a Dual Enrollment student and is always thinking about her education and how it can benefit her in the future. As of now, Katia is a Straight A student with a 4.0 unweighted. She plans on going to Emory University to further her Healthcare Education to become a Pediatric Surgeon.


“The medical field has always been my favorite, this year I will be completing my pathway. I hope for this upcoming summer to do more college classes, so next year for my senior year I could focus on taking medical assistant and work-based learning,” 


  Being so focused on school Katia still makes time for so many other things. She has taken part in many after school activities like Marching Band, Student Council, National Honor Society, Math Team and most importantly as HoPe President. 


“HoPe has been a club that I have been a part of since freshman year and as of last year I decided that I wanted to be a huge part in helping the club become more impactful and get the students involved,” Katia talks about her plans for HoPe. 


When Katia is not busy with her after school clubs to practicing on her music. She plays has been playing the bassoon for five years for the concert band and plays the flute for the marching band. 


“This is my first year in marching and I played flute in middle school but focused on the bassoon entering high school. So I recently went back to playing flute because I would not be able to play the bassoon in the marching band. But overall marching band is really fun it’s just really time composing,” Katia explain her first year in the marching band. 


When Katia is not practicing on the field getting ready to give it all her school spirit on Friday nights. She loves to help out her community in any way possible. Katia has been a part of many volunteer projects. Some were helping out at the Boys and Girls Club, Mountain Food Bank, The Path Project, The Humane Society and many more. Katia goes on to say that she loves to give back to the community and always enjoy meeting new people that share the same common good to help those in need.


“I have always loved doing community service, I can’t do as much as I did last year with after school practice and homework but I’m excited to go back to the Humane Society this weekend. However, one of my favorite projects would be the Food Bank it’s eye-opening how much food there is but so many families that don’t have any.” Katia goes to saying how community service has built her character.   


Only the start of junior year and Katia has done so much and doesn’t plan on stopping there.