The Truth about Vaping


It’s no secret that vaping is on the rise among teens and adults. On September 17th, the 7th teenager died of vaping and the effects have gone from dangerous to deadly. Juul pods hold all of flavored oils and nicotine teens are putting into their lungs, and just one Juul pod equals an entire pack of cigarettes. Most people who Juul are unaware to the fact that it’s is even more dangerous than smoking a regular cigarette. Students are now finding ways to get away with vaping on school campus, and are receiving the consequences for these actions. What does our school have to say vaping?


In the past few years, vaping has gotten more popular and has now made its way to the younger generation. What’s known as Juuling has also been made popular among teens. JUUL is a brand of e-cigarette and is popular among younger people because of it’s resemblance of a flash drive. Parents often mistake a JUUL for flash drives which causes teenagers to get away with vaping. People are often shocked when they find out what’s actually going into their lungs when they JUUL. The device is battery operated and works by heating a pod of liquid that contains, nicotine, flavorings, oils, and many other chemicals not fit to go into your lungs. These chemicals can irritate the airways in your lungs as the chemicals are getting trapped in your lungs. You can also develop what’s known as “Popcorn Lung,” named after a buttery flavor Juul Pod. This flavor is linked to a serious lung disease called Bronchiolitis Obliterans.


E-cigarette devices are also known for creating a mass amount of vapor in the air, though the very thing that’s drawing kids into vaping is the fun flavors. Vaping companies often use flavors such as cotton candy, fruit punch, bubble gum, and mango to convince teens that Juuling is just flavored oils and not harmful chemicals. Just in the last few months their have been over 400 cases of illness from vaping, and as of Monday 7 reported deaths. 


Mr. Prest’s AP Statistics class conducted a survey asking students about what they think about vaping. Out of the 12 males in the class, 50% said they believed vaping was dangerous while the other 50% said the believed vaping isn’t dangerous. Out of 8 females, roughly 60% said they believed vaping was dangerous while the other 40% said it wasn’t. These results show that out of males and females half of students believe vaping is dangerous while the other half disagrees. A survey was also recorded asking when the last time you vaped or saw someone vape was. Shockingly, out of the 9 Freshman and Sophomore students that were polled, 7 out of the 9 said that they had or had recently seen someone vape. Other students were asked to give their opinion on the topic. 


“I feel the school could have gone about it a better way,” says person chosen to remain anonymous. 


East Hall has now also implemented a new rule here at East Hall regarding vaping. Our administration has seen vaping on school property get worse as the school year goes on. There is now a rule where if caught vaping on the campus you receive 5 days out of school suspension. Administration and staff has seen what vaping is doing to teens, and are taking steps to solve the vaping issue.


“I believe vaping is a bad thing so I think the policy is a good thing,” says person also choosing to remain anonymous.


Overall, there are mixed views from teens about vaping being some thinks its harmful and some agree it isn’t. No matter your opinion, East Hall is getting stricter on vaping and will continue to get stricter as the problem gets worse.