The Other Place

The other place 

It was a normal day at school. Kids picked on each other, teachers taught lessons and friends chatted with friends. It was the last class of the day so everyone was tired and ready to go home, I was too. I had three tests today so I was more than eager to take an after school nap. The bus ride home was normal as well. The youngest kids sat in the front while the older kids sat in the back just like always. The kids in the back made the same amount of loud noises as they usually do. Yelling at each other and laughing loudly was the norm on the bus. 


I could usually drown out most of the yelling with music. People got off the bus one by one. I was the last one to get off like always. I’d usually say goodbye to the bus driver but it wasn’t the usual bus driver we had. She was this middle toned woman, skinny and had dark brown hair. Totally different from our more plump and lighter-toned bus driver. How did she know where everyone lived? Was she the former bus driver and the school had called her to fill in for our bus driver?


She smiled and waved at me as I got off the bus. I walked to my front door and put the house key in. It fit like a glove and the door opened with ease. But as soon as I walked into the house something felt a bit off. I couldn’t put my finger on it but something felt a little different than usual. Since I couldn’t figure out what it was I chopped it up to me being exhausted and ready for that after school nap. 


With no time to spare I shed off my bag, jacket, and shoes. Falling face-first onto my bed. Then something felt off again. Usually, my dog would be in my room waiting for me on my bed, but he wasn’t here. Maybe he decided to go somewhere else. Yeah, dogs like to explore. 

I slept for about half an hour until I heard the front door slam shut. My parents were home. Sitting up I stretched before going down to great them. They were holding a bag of food some being the loving daughter I am I decided to help them without them asking. 


“Oh thank you, you usually never help us with the bags,” My mom chimed. 

“You must be confusing me with Allen, mom. I always help you without being asked.” 


I placed the bags on the counter and looked at mom. Something looked different about her. Instead of her usual long black hair, she had short black hair. 


“Did you get a haircut today?” I asked. She gave me a confused look. 

“No, my hair has always been like this.”
“No, I’m pretty sure you had long hair before I went to school this morning.”


Mom shook her head. And asked me to help her unload the groceries. While putting the food away mom kept giving me a strange look. 



“Are you sick or something? You’re putting the food in the wrong places,” Mom said taking a box of mac and cheese out of my hand. 


“No, I’m pretty sure that I’m putting them in the right places I mean this is where we always put them.” I looked at the places I put the food in and looked at the previous foods that were there. They didn’t match up. But I was sure I had put them in the right place. The box and can food went on the first three shelves and the snacks on the last three shelves of the pantry. But they were switched. Was I putting them in the wrong place? No, I wasn’t but I was. 


Mom felt my forehead. 

“Well you don’t feel like you have a fever but maybe you need to sit down. Go watch some TV in the living room and I’ll put the rest of the food up okay.” 

I tried to protest but mom wasn’t having any of it. It was probably the mom’s intuition of their child getting sick before the signs  popped up. Non the less I did what she said and went to the living room. That weird feeling came back. The living room felt off. I looked around and saw that the coaches were in the wrong places. How? The love seat was on the right instead of the left where it was supposed to be, near the door. For some reason, I tried to put the living room back in order. That is until my dad had caught me. 


“What are you doing?” He asked. 

“The love seat and couch was in the wrong place so I was trying to put them back where they were supposed to be.” 


He  gave me a weird look but said nothing else. When I went into the kitchen for a glass of water I saw my parents whispering to each other like parents do when they’re talking about something they don’t want anyone to hear. I knew they were talking about me because of the glances they shot my way. I got annoyed so I sharply asked what were they talking about. They stopped talking and just looked at me. 


“We’re worried about you. You’ve been acting weird ever since you got home. Did something happen at school?” My dad asked.

“What? No, if anything y’all are acting weird. Why are you acting so weird?” I asked. 


My parents just sent me up to my room to sleep. I couldn’t make out what was going on. I must’ve slept for the rest of the day because when I woke up with the sun shining in my room. There was the sound of panting in my ear. When did my dog get into my room? I had closed the door. 


Anyways I had gotten ready for school. My parents were already in the kitchen drinking coffee and talking. They had noticed I was there. 


“Hey, there are you feeling better?” Mom asked. 

“Yeah, you were acting strange the other day. You were angry about everything and we didn’t know how to make you feel better.” 

“Yeah I just thought you were going through that teenage phase were you just hate everything,” Mom added. 


I was about to respond when I noticed that mom’s hair was longer than yesterday. Quickly I ran towards the pantry. The cans and boxes were on the top and the snacks were on the bottom. And the living room. The love seat was near the door like it had always been. My parents followed me asking if I was okay. I didn’t answer them, the bus had pulled up and honked. I ran to the bus. My regular bus driver sat in the driver’s seat. She gave me a smile and wave before starting the bus up. 


At school, I told my friend what had happened. He was into some weird paranormal stuff like this so I thought he’d have some answers. He told me that there are multiple universes and I somehow must’ve slipped into an alternate reality of my life. 


But how could that have happened? He said that when he came to my house, he noticed “I” or the other version of me was much more hostile than usual. He said the other me was a lot more reserved and cold when I’m usually nice and talkative. 


Could this be true or was I really really tired that day?