The next big thing for Bandai?!?!


The next big thing for Bandai?!?!


Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime back from the late 80s to now in the late 2010s. So much that the anime consists of multiple video games during the course over the years, whether it’s based on Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, or Dragon Ball Super, it is without question that Dragon Ball in a whole will go down in gaming history. 


With that being said, Bandai has once again created another “hype” Dragon Ball Z game. The game is called Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. It’s  another game where you can free-roam, pretty much fly, walk, or run in the given area you’re in. Along with that, it comes with beautiful graphics and real scenery. Can this game be the next big thing in Dragon Ball Z gaming, or will it be another game that gamers claim to waste their money on?


A few people had some thoughts about this game.


ROTC Cadet Julius Rodriguez says “Ehhhh it’s ok, I don’t see what much they can do since there’s nothing really new”


East Hall Graduate Eduardo Gonzales says “My thoughts on the new Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game is that I think in my opinion is a better option for Dragon Ball Z games. It just gives you more of an open world that games have been trying to do for many times since the Nintendo 64 came out and I think this became a real big Improvement of three-dimensional space and the graphics are just better in this one. I’m excited about how the creators and the developers put all their time and effort for making this game”


The people at Bandai have been releasing gameplay, screenshots, and trailers for the game. The game is planning to be released sometime in 2020, I think this game looks beautiful, and I hope that it becomes the next best thing for Bandai.