Phones have disappeared


East Hall’s new cell phone policy is almost half a semester old and has been met with mixed reactions. Most freshman and sophomore students are fine with the policy, but with that also comes our juniors and seniors that are not happy because they have been used to being able to use their phones ever since they started high school. But there are some kids that say that they feel more comfortable now that they have stricter rules on phones because they pay more attention in class now.

Personally, I think the teachers are now more comfortable teaching because there is less distraction around their students so it helps them have less things to worry about. 

Students in Mr. Prest AP Statistics Classes did a survey on how many students are fine with the new rule and how many do not like it. The groups were divided up between different lunch sections and each student had to go and ask people and what they thought about our new rule Most of the students were anonymous but some of them did give out their name with their thoughts and the rule.

Like it was mentioned previously our seniors and juniors were not very happy with most of them being males. We had some quotes that said that “ it’s was whack” or that “it’s dumb”. Even some said that “ they still use their phone even for teachers to let them.”

But on the other hand, most of our female juniors and seniors were really surprised in a good way. 

Hannah Kiblern said “ I have to say that the cell phone policy I am okay with because students need to pay attention to things going on in their classes it’s the headphones that I personally do not like.”


“I think it’s a good idea and it’s good that they are trying to become more strict with the student body.” Said senior Janet Mendoza.


Although most of our freshman and sophomore are okay with it, some of them are showing a little bit of a different side because they thought high school was going to give them a lot more freedom than it is.

So another quote says something like “ it sucks” or “it’s not fair.” And with those you also have most males complaining about it and females that were not okay with it had an actual excuse or something to worry about.

One student that decided to stay anonymous said “my mom usually texts me throughout the day to talk to me about who is picking me up and now it’s hard for me to respond to her throughout the day.”


It’s a good idea overall because most of our students will now be more engaged and less worried about their phones. Just like everything it takes time to adjust but overtime students will see that that was the best decision that our school could have made for a better learning. It will be a team effort but as East Hall Vikings we know can do it.