Glowing Out At East Hall

It is that time of year where homecoming is just around the corner. The student council had come up with a theme which is ‘’Glow Out’’. The reason for why they had chosen glow out was because it had the most votes based off on the student council they also thought that it would be a fun idea to do. Homecoming will be here at the school on October 12. The way the student council came up with the team was by all collaborating ideas and coming up with countless of themes for example ‘’Arabian Night,’’ ‘’Under the Sea’’, “’ Western’’ and many more. Rashel Rodriguez who is a Senior, as well as the Student Council President and her role of the homecoming part is to get everything together. To make a glow out a ‘’Glow Out’’ requires the colors of pink, green, orange, yellow, and black to make the colors contrast. 


Cindy Argueta is another member of the student council and when it comes to homecoming she is in charge of contacting the DJ and in charge of making a playlist for the evening. This year’s homecoming is trying to stay away from things that they have done in the past year such as tutus around the pillars and white Christmas lights. They want to stand out this year not only with the theme but as well as the decorations.


 Annabel Gonzalez junior says that

 “The theme for homecoming this year seems fun and it captures my attention because it seems very creative, although I have never been to homecoming.”